Friday, December 9, 2011

Over it!

To be blunt, I’ve gotten to a place in wedding planning where I just don’t give a hunk of doo anymore. Just me? At this point we’ve been engaged for almost a year and a half. I’ve been steadily planning since about day 3 of our engagement. I have all my vendors booked, the menu picked, my first dress fitting scheduled, and a pretty good grasp on what detail items need to be accomplished. (Damn you chalkboard frames!) The issue now is that I can’t get anything done. AT.ALL. I mean to do something, but then I can’t quite figure out what it is I should be doing, and I take to my couch and DVR.

I could sit here and wax poetic about the joys of wedding planning, the fun I’m having, the lollipops that fall from the sky every time I accomplish a wedding task, but um – no. I’m seriously over it. I want to create a bonfire of all my damn wedding magazines that have the same advertisements and the same articles in EVERY.SINGLE.ISSUE. I want to fling my wedding binder that I long ago neglected out the window at full force. I want to eat brownies and cheeseburgers (whoops, I’ve been doing quite a bit of that) instead of trying to focus on keeping the LBs off so that I can zip up my gown.

What have I done in the last month? I’ve ordered 10 invitations from Vistaprint. That’s all folks. I suck.

Before we order a slew of 100 invitations, response cards, and the like, Mr. P and I decided to make sure we like the design in-person. The smallest amount you can order on Vistaprint is ten, so I randomly stumbled upon a Vistaprint sale and ordered ten invitations for five bucks. With tax and shipping it came to be 16 dollars. I figure 16 dollars isn’t much to lose if we get them and dislike them. A lot better than ordering 100 and regretting it.

So, yea. I have 10 invitations en route to gaze at and then hopefully order another 100 of. Then what? How do I make myself care about things like the guest book, the bridesmaid accessories, and what the place cards should look like?

How did you navigate the lat few months of your engagement? Where did you find the inspiration to get into the swing of finishing up the details?

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  1. I was exactly where you are! We reached a certain point where I couldn't do anything else until closer to the wedding and it was frustrating. I just had nothing else to do and after so much planning, I was like 'no, I have to do something.' I was so worried about whether I was leaving too much till the last minute. I suggest focusing on something non wedding related for awhile. Everything will get done and it will be awesome. Promise!