Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Dance... the first songs

When it came to deciding on our first dance song, I immediately knew what song I wanted. So, nope, this was not a joint effort and there was no way I was going to budge on this.

When we first started dating, whenever I heard “Look After You” by the Fray, it immediately made me think of Mr. Porcupine. I guess when you’re first dating every song makes you think of the person, but I REALLY loved this song. I still do, and it’s one of those songs I can play over and over again on my Ipod without killing it.

I'm not usually a sappy person, but my favorite part is:

“When I’m losing my control,
the city spins around,
you’re the only one who knows,
you slow it down”

This line really resonates with me about our relationship. I’m notoriously a psycho and running a mile a minute. I easily stress out, lose my mind, and have the urge to curse out MTA employees and other annoying individuals that populate this city. When Mr. P came around I found in him someone to level me out (even though I am still pretty much a psycho). Mr. P’s approach to life is “eh, whatevz.” So when you mix that in with my approach to life of, “WHAT THE HELL? I WILL KILL YOU!” you get something a little saner. I’ve honestly mellowed out as much as it’s possible for me to mellow out. Sorry, I will never be entirely normal…

When Mr. P heard the song he agreed that it was nice. But, he couldn’t help throwing out “Hey There Delilah.” Mr. P loves this ding-dong song. This song depresses the HELL OUT of me. It was popular during the small amount of time Mr. P and I were “long distance.” There’s something about the damn song that makes something in my brain snap and want to burst into tears. It gained popularity right when I graduated college, returned home and Mr. P returned to PA for his summer break. (He had a year of college to go after that.) The beginning of the song is pretty much the only reason it corresponds to our life at that time.

"Hey there Delilah (except well I’m not HER)
what’s it like in New York City?
I’m a thousand miles away,
but girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do,
Times Square can’t shine as bright as you, I swear it’s true"

I vetoed it immediately. I was not having my first dance to a song about a girl named Delilah that makes me want to curl up in a corner and die. Mr. P was upset for maybe 9 seconds, and moved on. The Fray it was- which by the way we now ALWAYS hear playing at the Supermarket. A sign? Or maybe it’s to lull the rage of our deli counter people (they seriously have the psychosis worse than I do).

Then, when trying to touch on the subject of our quartet music I realized I have no idea what in the hell I want them to play for anything. I have zero classical music knowledge and something like no desire whatsoever to figure out what to play. For the procession, the only thing I definitely know, is that I don't want “Here Comes the Bride.”  For the bridesmaids walking down the aisle I like the traditional Pachelbel Canon in D, but what about when I come down the aisle? DING DING. Best idea ever. I googled my idea and yes it exists!

Hey There Delilah without the words! I actually like it better when a quartet plays it. I e-mailed our string quartet about the Vitamin String Quartet’s rendition of Hey there Delilah, and they said they’d said they could get it (I guess the sheet music?) and play it without a problem.

I was going to surprise Mr. Porcupine, but since he is a huge crier I decided it might be better if I forewarned him. So even though yes, he will still bawl like a baby through our entire ceremony, at least he won’t get a crying curveball thrown at him and fall over on our Rabbi. I can say this because Mr. P is too busy to read my blog posts (haha!). It’s fine, he owns up to it…

Was your first dance song a compromise?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roleeeee Out

Choosing to live together before marriage or waiting until after you're married is a personal decision. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a friend’s acquaintance after a few months of living with Mr. P. My friend explained that I lived nearby (we were out at a nearby bar) with my boyfriend, and this acquaintance, who had just met me mind you, immediately responded, “Oh, I’m so glad I waited to move in with my husband. It takes all the fun away from marriage if you live with someone first.” I just stared at her blankly. My first reaction was to say, “Who the BLEEP asked you?” I relented.

It may not be the "traditional" route, but one of the benefits of living with someone before marriage is ironing out each person’s role. Mr. P and I have pretty traditional roles in our home. Since we’ve lived together for over 3 years we’ve had some time to master who does what. I'm glad we have this all ironed out pre-marriage. Things have shifted over time due to changes in work and life, but for the most part I do a lot more work around the house and Mr. P does a lot more work out of the home.

As of right now I do about 95% of the housework and cooking. It wasn’t always this way, but right now I’m pretty 9 to 5 and Mr. P. works all the time. For instance, yesterday he left for work at 7 AM and didn’t get home until about 9 PM. He’s also the bread winner right now, and provides a lot more financially. I don’t mind making up for my monetary deficiency with some more work around the house, because for the most part I don’t mind doing household stuff. I like to cook, although I do occasionally get into my “I HATE cooking, why are there so many pots to clean now?” moods. I have also found that I clean-up more efficiently then Mr. P, and it provides for fewer rampages if I just clean what I can and tell him what’s leftover to do. I really don’t think Mr. P sees dirty things or clutter. Somehow in my “old age” I’ve turned into Monica from Friends.

Yes, there are times I wish I could plop down on the couch, watch TV, and not have to cook or clean. (And, sometimes take-out and clutter prevail.) Most of the time Mr. P just has to come home, warm-up his dinner, take out the trash for the night, and put away the dishes on the dry-rack. Although he's working later at his job than I am, I usually don’t sit down until 8 PM. I get home at around 6 PM, tidy up our mess from rushing around in the morning, make Mr. P and me lunch for the next day, prep dinner, cook, clean up the mess from cooking, and then clean or vacuum something. Yes, like I said I’m legit turning into Monica….

Mr. P is always super appreciative. And, we’ve established which tasks are his and which are mine. I tend to avoid the gross-out chores. He always takes out the trash, the recyclables, cleans the toilet, etc. Every now and then Mr. P will do the dishes or make one of his dishes like garlic sautéed string beans or a pot of meatballs. Right now he doesn’t have a lot of time for all that, but it wasn’t always this way.

We’ve already gone through three different stages of work/life balance. There was our first few months living together where Mr. P and I had a pretty similar schedule. We’d take the train to and from work together, and cook/clean together. We were probably together TOO MUCH during that time. Then there were the months of Mr. P’s unemployment when he was home A LOT more and was the house-boyfriend (note to all, guys do not deal with unemployment well- I’m pretty sure he went insane). There was also the period of my unemployment when I think I did less chores than I do now (I swear unemployment makes you not give an ish about anything but getting a job). And, then there was the time Mr. P would often get stuck on the night shift leaving him more time to do things around the apartment in the daytime. It’s been a constant switch and change-up.

What is my point in all this? Not sure, but living together pre-marriage doesn’t work for everyone whether it's personal, religious, or logistical reasons. But, in our case it's what worked and made the most sense. I’m glad we can start our first year of marriage without having to figure out all the little things. It might take away “the fun” of everything as that chick said years ago, but last time I checked marriage wasn’t a game that is fun vs. not fun. And figuring out that junk isn't exactly "fun."

Did you decide to live with your significant other before marriage? Do you have a "traditional role" in your relationship?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi, my name is, what? my name is, who?

When it came to deciding if I should change my name, I pretty much didn't think about it. I always planned on changing my name. I'm not sure why- mostly I think it's because I can be pretty old-fashioned sometimes. There is a side of me that would love to be a little Suzy Homemaker stay-at-home mom raising the kids and taking care of the home.

I know a lot of people get emotional about losing their last name, but I've never had some crazy attachment to it. Yes, it's my "family's name," but I don't see changing your name as changing who your family is. Plus, most of my immediate family has a different last name so it never struck me as something HUGELY important. My first name is pretty original, so I've always identified more with that. Like Madonna or something (without the fame, fortune, and talent).

Also, my last name is really weird. I can assure you, you would pronounce it wrong upon first glance. There are far too many vowels in a row in it. It has forever driven me insane that people say it wrong, ALL THE TIME. I've even heard variations of it that sound a lot like an excrement from your body. I could correct teachers and professors 90 times and they STILL couldn't pronounce it. It's been fun times.

My married last name is pretty common. It's not quite as common as let's say "Smith," but it's a complete polar opposite from what I'm coming from. And even though I have a unique first name, my first name + married name is a much more common combination. When I google myself now (what, doesn't everyone do that?) I only get 229 results. Most of those results are actually pulling things about me, or pulling one of the members of my family since my last name is so unique. When I google my married name I jump up to 5,670 results. I will be a lot less Googleable (which I like, I guess).

One day I was discussing this name changing issue with a friend. I realized that I will be the most upset over parting with my e-mail address. Is that odd? You see my e-mail address is simply MYFULLNAME@EMAIL.COM. Since my name is so unique it was easy to secure the e-mail address without any added numbers, periods, or middle initial. I quickly checked my current e-mail provider to see if my married name would be available as an e-mail and it wasn't (unless I add some numbers, periods, etc). Cue irrational annoyance. After checking a few more e-mail providers it turns out that only gmail had my married name available. So, what's does a psycho like me do? Sign up for it just to hold it- obviously! Well, turns out I forgot I was signed into my i-google page at my current non-gmail account so as soon as Google saw I was making the switch they took over.  Now, whenever I log-in to my i-Google page it automatically refreshes me under MYMARRIEDNAME@GMAIL.COM. This was over a year and a half ago. (Ha, oops). Not to mention gmail recommended me as a contact to one of my friends. Good thing she understands my oddball tendencies.

Thanks to putting my future e-mail address "on hold" over a year ago, I've had plenty of time to get used to seeing my new name. However, I'm pretty sure it will be Weird City when I make the official switch. I think the weirdest part though will be when people say Mrs. MARRIEDNAME to me. I get the weirds enough when people call me m'am (M'AM REALLY? I'M NOT EVEN 30 YET!) In my head that is still my future MIL's name and not my own. It will be an adjustment.

Was the decision to change your name an easy choice for you? Anyone else do something crazy like reserve an e-mail address before even changing their name?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hair Trial Happenings

The verdict of the hair trial: success.

I went to the salon that my future MIL goes to out in Pennsylvania. Considering I don't know a damn thing about salons in the area, I figured it makes the most sense to go with a salon someone knows something about. The kicker is - the hair stylist I am using has done Mr. P's hair since he was a kid (before he moved to good ol' NYC). The same stylist now also does a lot of Mr. P's family's hair. Keeping it in the family...

Here I am before in my non-makeup glory (okay, I lie, I am wearing a little cover-up stick and pressed powder)

And, here I am after....

What, not feeling the purple rollers? 

I tried to get a good shot of my eyes, but I am definitely a photographer failure so bear with me.

The pics of my "final after" I am not too into. Somehow the hairspray and the pinning of my bangs got cofangled, and it just didn't photograph well. Instead I present the "almost done after shot," that I think is what I will go with for my wedding day look. Seeing it in person I thought I needed something more, but looking at pics makes me realize it looked great as-is. We should have quit while we were ahead!

Just imagine a peacock clip in the mix

I'll just add a little bit more curls, which we did try at the trial.

Adding more curls, but my neurosis had to keep going

As expected my hair held up pretty well through the day. My face quickly sweated off all the make-up though, so I will definitely need to purchase a few of the products used so that I can touch-up my face mid-wedding.

The hair team will be coming to the hotel so that we don't have to do any traveling the day of the wedding. I originally thought I wanted to go to a salon, but I realize this will be a lot easier. There's nothing I like more than not moving....

Did your hair trial go as planned? Did you end up liking a different look other than the final one?

*all are personal photos

Monday, November 21, 2011

Time for Some Eatz

We had one of the most successful wedding task weekends ever, and it’s kinda weird that everything is starting to come together. First up, I’ll start with the most delicious part of the weekend: the EATZ.

Like most brides I worry about people bitchin’ about the wedding food. Overall, when I go to weddings I never expect some type of insane 5-star quality food. I just expect SOMETHING of substance to put in my belly so that I can have some cocktails without baby necking (when you start to fall asleep and your head hits your shoulder).

Image via Harper's Happenings (Um, how CUTE is this kid?)

Our tasting slot was early- 10 AM. So, yes, we had dinner for breakfast, and luckily it was all so good that I didn't mind eating soup with my Dunkin' coffee.

We didn’t get to taste our hors d'oeuvres (which by the way is the hardest word to try to spell in such a way that spellcheck knows what the hell you're trying to write), but we began with the fateful soup decision. We originally contemplated just cutting the soup, but after the tasting it was too good to pass up.
French Onion vs. Tomato Parmesan

The french onion soup was REALLY good, and is a favorite of Mr. Porcupine’s in general. I think we've tasted every french onion soup in our path. We had to include it. It was the clear winner.

Yum, cheesey crostini (and Dunkin' Donuts coffee)

Then we had an Italian salad in a creamy garlic dressing. I was worried the dressing would be too overpowering, but it had a light taste to it that wasn’t too garlicy at all.

Yes, garlic and onions- so far we are really looking for people to have some fantastic breath at our wedding. Maybe I should make the favor Porcupine mints.

The main courses came out next, and I think everyone will like the selections we picked. (And, if you don't- BOO- plan on filling up on the quiches at cocktail hour.)

For the chicken dish, we devoured it before my brain realized I didn’t take a pre-EAT ME picture.

Chicken Galantine- devoured

The chicken galantine course is baked chicken stuffed with feta cheese and spinach. It was served in a red pepper cream sauce along with a stuffed red pepper that we quickly eliminated from the menu. It was good, but it didn’t mesh with anything.

Grilled Eggplant Option

For the vegetarians - or HEY I WANT TO SKIP ON THE MEATS guests- we will be serving a grilled eggplant dish stuffed with mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with sauteed tomatoes. On the side we tried the asparagus tips that were the definite veggie side winner.

Braised Short Ribs 

Lastly, for meat lovers, we are switching up the usual steak option and serving braised short ribs. They were freakin’ delish. Not too fatty and not chewy at all. It melted right in your mouth & I’m not even a big meat eater. On the side was garlic mashed potatoes, which will be served along with the asparagus with all entrées.

The food was even more delicious then we expected. I can't wait to scarf down some braised short ribs after consuming straight salads the month before the wedding (I'm being dramatic, but yanno).

Were you impressed with your wedding venue food?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Unwed Holidays

Not to get deep on you all, but I have to say that sometimes I take a step back and realize Mr. Porcupine and I are really lucky to each come from a family that has accepted the other with open arms. Since the day Mr. Porcupine and I got together we have immediately clicked with each other's families.

I didn't get much of a chance to get used to the idea of meeting "the whole fam" when it came to our relationship. After about 3 months as a couple I met pretty much EVERYONE in Mr. P's family at his brother's wedding. On the flip side, Mr. P met my immediate family (parents, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents) at my college graduation after only two months as a couple. So really early on we knew what we were getting into.  (Haha, I kid.... OR DO I?)

When it came time for the holidays, I can only vaguely remember our first holiday season together. For our first Thanksgiving together I spent the actual holiday- that Thursday- with my own family and then met Mr. P out in Pennsylvania for the rest of the weekend. Since that time it became the norm for me to go with Mr. P to PA for Thanksgiving since his whole family scattered around the East Coast meets up there. For Hanukkah, Mr. P and I spend it with my family since they throw a little Hanukkah party shin-dig. For other pertinent Jewish holidays we usually are able to find a way to celebrate with both families thanks to Jewish holidays lasting a few days (i.e. Passover).

There has never been that "well last year we spent it with YOUR family so we're going to MY family" argument.  Neither of our families have ever shown any annoyance over the arrangement either. Ever since the first time we shared a holiday together, each of us has been made to feel like our presence at the table (or perching on the floor) has always been there.

Annoyingly enough I have no photos of us during our first holiday season. But, I do have a shot of us at our first engaged Thanksgiving.

Classy Shot

Mr. P's comparison to a troll shot 

Last post-Thanksgiving weekend Mr. P's parents used the time getting the family together as a good excuse to throw a mini-engagement celebration. Since we opted to not have an engagement party it was just the usual small gathering his parents always have over along with my parents and sister. 

It was a great weekend, and since we decided to have the most annoyingly long engagement (unintentionally) ever, we have one last engaged Thanksgiving to go. This year we're spending it at my parent's. Mr. P's parents have re-arranged their Thanksgiving location since Mr. P's SIL won't be able to travel due to the impending LIL BABY!!!! (Oh, I haven't mentioned my insane baby obsession yet? 'Cause yesterday I almost got hit by a car as I smiled at a little chubby baby in his carriage-TRUE STORY). Due to Mr. P's work schedule we're staying put.

I'll have to make sure to snap a pic to mark our LAST non-married Thanksgiving. Next year we'll be husband and wife (SAY WHO-WA? WEIRD! THATZ A GROWN-UP WORD). I'm sure next year's holiday will feel just the same as always thanks to our fams.

Do you have an easy holiday-sharing arrangement with your significant other? Did you and your SO feel a part of each other's families pre-marriage?

*all are personal photos

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting my Hairz Did

I have BIG hair. Legit. I am not exageratting. Ask anyone I've ever lived with. Without product or styling (sometimes even with it) my hair is like a HUGE big ol' fro. It takes many ounces of hair gel or scorching temperatures of hair straighteners to tame my mane. It's usually curly. If weather conditions permit I will straighten it. And, that's only for weekends/special occasions. It's too much work otherwise. I envy those girls who can shower and go and their hair dries perfectly straight. RUDE!

I tend not to photograph myself when my hair is in its natural state. So here it is with some gel and a hair iron. I was adventurous there for a few months by both gelling my curls and ironing my bangs. Yes, I know- mind numbingly shocking....

I want to drink that beverage again!

An hour of hair ironing later

Some curls galore (Also red-eye removal FAIL hence my BLACK eyes)

When it comes to the wedding day I think I need to go with a curly look. My hair, obviously, holds a curl from a curling iron pretty well. My hair does not like to hold onto a straight strand. Any sign of humidity or perspiration will immediately make it curl up.  If I try to fight nature too much it rebels against me and causes a lot of crazy. 

Crazy like THIS/Image via

Or, this:

Yes, it forms 2010 glasses as well

I usually hate every single hair cut/hair styling I get done. But my favorite so far, which I had no complaints over was my Junior year sorority formal hairdo.

And I was SO tan, gah! (Will never happen again)

Mix in the classic Carrie Underwood do that every brides (okay, not EVERY, but many) stick in their favorites.
Image via Easy Curls

And, stick a peacock feather in my head via Mrs. Zebra and call me Yankee Doodle Dandy Porcupine.

Image via Weddingbee/Photography by Sara Zarrella Photography

I'm pretty set on this biz. I hate my hair pulled back. I have a weird oblong/rounded/non-cheekbone face and a very prominent nose with a bump in it so I highly dislike wearing my hair back. I like to keep my hair around my face like a picture frame.

I am off to my hair trial this weekend with these ideas in mind. We'll see what I end up with though...

Were you set on your wedding-day do? Do you have crazy, hard to manage hair too?

*Unless noted photos are personal

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After Mexico comes... the to-do list

I am back to civilization after a mini-vacay to Mexico in honor of my college suitemate's wedding! Now that the vacation laundry is cleaned and put back away with the rest of the summer clothing, and the post-vacay depression is setting in, something else has settled in too.... I'M NEXT!

Yes, this was *it.* The LAST wedding I will attend before I'm a Mrs. The last wedding I was calculating into my equation for when to go full speed ahead on starting on all the little wedding details. Lawd!

Before I get started on the 9,000 things on my list, I think it's only fitting to share some Mexican wedding fiesta-ness with the Hive. Unfortunately, I lacked a lot of photography skills during the trip so the amount of good photos to chose from was slim pickins'.

I blame it on this...

Many fruity shots

There was also a lot of...
Swimming, or trying to swim, since it got pretty chilly and cloudy

Mr. P passing out beside his margarita

The bride and groom, obv.

Sorority sisters reunited 

Sweet dance moves... 

The yummiest wedding cake I've had yet

Balloon animals (and hats)... designed by yours truly

One glorious sunny afternoon on the beach

I've unpacked just in time to begin on a lot of wedding to-dos this weekend. In two days time I have a hair and makeup trial, our menu tasting, an attempt at getting my ring re-sized, and my personal favorite... a champagne tasting. Since we have to provide our own alcohol at our venue Mr. P's parents are picking up a few bottles of bubbly to test out while we eat dinner on Saturday night at their house.

Let the craziness begin, but before all that I leave you with a visual of what my life will be like when I have kids. Whenever I relax with a book on the beach I deal with a lot of this...

"Look, I'm a pirate... I have a peg leg."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

America's Next Top... Bride

When it comes to the big day we ALL obsess over something related to our appearance. I have never heard of a bride who was like “um, I’ll wear my burlap sack and stick a ribbon around my bird’s nest unwashed fro.” Even the brides on My Big Redneck Wedding (oh where has that show gone?) care about their appearance- even if they were getting married over a swamp. *Nothing against real life self-proclaimed rednecks out there. That show was just freakin-a nuts!

My usual concerns for any event that involves looking nice includes worrying about breakouts, my big hair, flare ups of these annoying red bumps I get on my arms, and underarm boob. You know that fun piece of blubber in the armpit area that looks like a baby boob when squashed at just the right angle.

Hmmm, I sound real attractive right now. I swear I’m not a troll living under a bridge on the regular, but when it comes to nice events I pay more attention to these things. And as a bride it’s on my mind, of course. Definitely a lot more. I think many of us can agree that we over analyze how we will look on our wedding day, and lately I’ve been thinking: WHY? I mean obviously we don't want to look bad. But, why do we suddenly need to be perfect on ONE day- especially when our significant other, family, and friends already know what we look like pretty well.

Why in the who-ha do we have this obsessive need to look “perfect” on our wedding day. (MOVIES, TELEVISION, THE DEVIL?) On a regular old Tuesday I like to shower, do something to make my hair look presentable, put on a normal amount of makeup, and match my clothes with some accessories. You know... look like a person. On a Friday night out I might apply a little more eyeliner; before a friend’s wedding I may stop eating carbohydrates every 19 minutes; and before a vacation I will probably get a haircut. Why on my wedding day do I need to add another layer of FIX THIS FIX THIS NOW to my life?

I’m not advocating going totally granola and going make-up free in a white t-shirt to our weddings. (I mean unless that’s your thing.) But, why do we over analyze every blemish, hangnail, and eyebrow hair? On our wedding day there will still be make-up, good lighting, and Photoshop. We can’t magically become perfect on our wedding day. Even Kate Middleton had a…. (okay, actually she looked perfect- whatever).

My point is that we want to look back at pictures and see ourselves. Not someone who emerged from a makeover special on the Today show. Obviously, we don’t want to look like we rolled out of bed, but we don’t need to look like a picture out of Barbie’s Dream Wedding Day.

Yes, I'm still concerned about a bad breakout or a big-hair day. I worry about spilling alcoholic libations on my white gown. But, I will not let myself get crazy. At least I can try. I'm sure my memory will wipe this concept clear from my mind about 19 hours before my wedding.

Anyone else trying not to freak out about their appearance on their wedding day? Anyone else out there watch My Big Redneck Wedding?? I can't be the only one! Gah, that show was so good!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Suit Up!

We spent some of our time this Saturday figuring out what Mr. Porcupine is going to be wearing on the big day.  We knew immediately we didn't want tuxes. They just don't fit in with the casual/rustic look of our wedding. Well, let me re-phrase. I knew *I* didn't want tuxes. Mr. P at one point said, "but, you get to wear a pretty white dress." I just blankly stared at him and asked if he'd like to wear a pretty white dress as well. He declined and we got to looking at suits.

We decided to just check out Men's Wearhouse, and although Bees before me have mentioned that you can't rent suits, I blindly hoped some mysterious suit rental program might now exist. No such luck- the groomsmen are going to have to buy suits. Although MW does have a suit rental option for boys, which might work out for our little ring bearer.

We're waiting a little bit before ordering the suits in hopes that they will have a buy one get one free sale soon, which the sales girl was kind of enough to mention "should be happening pretty soon." Not to be a bridezilla, but these boys will need a suit some time again in their lives so I don't think it's a HUGE deal to make them buy a suit. It just stresses me out that these guys are spread out all over the country. I have little faith in men overcoming logistical issues, but I'm sure Mr. P will get it all organized and prove me wrong, righttttt?...

Mr. P tried on a few options. We pretty much had free rein of the store, because I was in a "New York rage" mood particularly directed at everyone in my path in Brooklyn that day. Don't ask. Let's just say traffic clusterf*** thanks to construction at the new Barclay center (thanks Jay-z) + ghetto parking garages with broken elevators + people begging for money UP IN MY FACE at Coldstone (yes, we needed ice cream on the 50 degree day) = the fuse in my head snaps. This tends to keep the sales people away, which worked in our favor since we weren't ready to purchase anything (redhead rage WIN!).

Don't mind Mr. P's redonk facial expressions. All are personal photos.

Joseph and Feiss Two Button Grey Suit

Joseph and Feiss Two Button Navy Suit

Calvin Klein slimfit in grey

Mr. P wasn't a fan of the slimfit Calvin Klein, and thought he looked a little too much like a sailor in the navy suit. We were pretty happy with the first choice and played around with shirt/tie options.

Our choice for Mr. P's shirt/tie

Our choice for the groomsmen's shirt/tie

Mr. P decided he wanted to wear a white shirt "so people know I'm the groom" although I'm pretty sure people will know he's the groom, but whatever makes him happy. He liked the bright tie because it reminded him of a peacock. Mind you, this is the guy who was originally iffy about my peacock idea. Now he points out EVERYTHING peacock related that we can incorporate for the wedding. For the groomsmen we picked a dark blue shirt and striped blue tie.

Now we are just waiting for that buy one get one sale. We'll see how long that can go...

Was picking out the groomsmen attire a challenge for you?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Treasure in the Basement- Crafting Vintage Frames Part I

If I could write a whole post on my Super, I swear you would all be entertained for days, but alas this is a wedding blog so it wouldn’t make sense. I’ll just give you a quick bit of back-story.

My Super is a crazy-this-should-be-a-sitcom stereotype of a NYC super. She is a BIG lady who wears long skirts every single day with crazy mismatched sweaters and t-shirts, has a thick Polish accent, says things I can barely interpret, and is super protective of "her" building. She also hoards the crap people leave behind when they move and then sells it. So, there is ALWAYS something weird/old/used/potentially useful to buy when I trek down to the basement to do my laundry.

I walked downstairs one day and VIOLA – two old ass HUGE frames.

Personal Photo 

I asked her how much money she wanted for them, she said 5 dollars (she thought I meant for one). I told her I wanted both so I gave her ten bucks and called it a day.

I was worried about spending too much on antiquey large frames. They are actually pretty pricey if you check out places like Etsy, and I’m not much into trekking around antique shops/craft stores to find the right frame. I’d rather spend my weekend going for unlimited mimosa brunches or vegging out with my DVR.

Now comes the hard part. How does an idiot crafter turn those puppies into something like this?

Image via Bella Fiori

I’m thinking of keeping the gold one as it is and spray painting the other one a charcoal color. The gold one has glass, but no back, and I’m contemplating using it for a seating chart. The charcoal one I will somehow turn into a chalkboard. Since I’m a crafting idiot I would love some suggestions on how I could best accomplish this. I’m thinking of buying something (plywood?) as the backer and painting it with chalkboard paint. Then do I attach the backer with wood glue? Nail it in? Will that crack the frame? I guess this will require taking measurements. Things involving numbers- not my fav.

Should be some interesting times ahead involving me cursing, muttering under my breath, and throwing things around. Any vintage frame crafters out there with fool-proof tips?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OCCUPY.... marriage?

Warning: This might a bit of a rant, but I can’t help my annoyance!

Image via People/Photo by Clint Brewer/Splash News Online

By now everyone is quite aware that Kim Kardashian got divorced after 72 days of marriage. Most people are probably thinking something along the lines of: WHO CARES? I don’t know why I care, but I do. It pisses me off. Mostly it annoys the hell out of me because it brings to light a huge, gaping flaw in our society.

I find it incredibly annoying that celebrities can go have shotgun, ridiculously lavish, expensive weddings on a whim. Then when the first problem arises go off and get divorced, because to them the cost of legal fees is nothing but a drop in the bucket. And, oh, that lavish wedding was just a blip on the bank account radar. (Or in some reality TV cases completely free). Yes, things happen, but sometimes not so much. There are thousands upon thousands of people that can’t have the weddings they want or even a wedding at all because they don’t have the money. There are people who can’t even get properly divorced because it’s just too expensive for them. Why is that okay?

Meanwhile our country which stands for the separation of church and state is allowed to muck up the legal waters with religious views that prevent gay couples from getting married in most of the United States. There are people out there who truly want to get married for the right reasons, stay married (or at least TRY to surpass 72 days), but aren’t allowed to. Many of the rich & famous continue to make a mockery of what a marriage is. The whole point isn’t the PARTY and the E! special. Something is wrong here.

Obviously there isn’t much you can do to make people NOT get married. But, I think this is a good example of exactly why telling anyone they can’t get married is completely ludicrous. Now that the Kardashians have a few more millions in the bank, we all had the chance to see another couple make a mockery out of what everyone here in the Hive looks forward to – a future with our significant other.

Does anyone else get irrationally annoyed by celebrating sham-marriages? Sorry to the Kim K. fans out there. Nothing personal – she’s just a perfect example of my point.