Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Porcupines Take on Hawaii- We Lounge

Relaxing days and nights in Hawaii were the best. The weather in Hawaii is something along the lines of absolute perfection.

I’m not a person who enjoys sweating or sweltering in the heat. On most trips to sunny beach locations I am usually halfway dead by the time noon rolls around, but between the breeze and the weather never topping 90 degrees, I could stay outside in Hawaii forever. I didn’t even find myself looking for the nearest air conditioned place.

We didn’t travel to the many beaches on the island, so I can’t give much input on that. Our hotel’s beach property was perfect as-is. They had a great chunk of land in a man-made inlet. Yes, it might not be a “true” Hawaiian beach, but it was private, quiet, and a 5-minute walk to get to, so no complaints from us. We spent our time split between the pool and the beach whenever we weren’t out exploring.

See, it got a little chilly...

And, throwing in a fruity drink or two always helps.


I'm sure that like anywhere else people who live in Hawaii have stress, have to pay bills, make dinner, and clean their houses, but to me Hawaii will never be that. I will always remember it as a place unlike any other, another world in itself, a far away paradise where we got to spend 7 days celebrating the beginning of our journey as husband and wife.

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