Monday, March 12, 2012

Bachelorette In the City

When it came to my bachelorette party, I knew I wanted one thing in particular: pure ridiculousness.

Wedding planning has been hectic and crazy. I really just wanted a night to be carefree and have some fun. I also didn’t want to have to travel for my bachelorette party. Since the wedding is taking place outside of NYC, I wanted the bachelorette party to take place at home. When you live in a city people take the time to travel to for their own celebrations it seemed silly to hold my bachelorette party anywhere else. I wanted a purely traditional bachelorette. Bars, bridal sashes, dancing, and inappropriateness.

The night started at my best friend’s house.

Bridesmaid Blondey and I have been friends since High School, and she has been planning my bachelorette party since what seems like the moment Mr. P and I got engaged.

There was a ton of food to eat including wraps, chicken fingers, pigs in a blanket, penne ala vodka, and pizza bagels. We filled up for a long night of drinking.

The pre-game bar 

After everyone arrived we played a few games to get the night started. My favorite/least favorite game was the traditional one where the bride has to answer questions the groom has already answered about the bride and their relationship. Whenever I got a question wrong I had to stick a Razzle in my mouth- which I swear I never even knew existed until this night. Am I the only weirdo who had no idea what this hybrid gum/candy was?

Losing miserably

Needless to say I got many of the questions wrong thanks to some TRICKY answers given by Mr. P. For instance: What traffic sign would Ms. P be?; Mr. P's answer: A broken traffic light blinking every light at the same time. What's up with that!?

At around 10 PM the party bus showed up and I was blown away!

I made everyone take the prom lineup limo shot

This bus was insane! It's a Coach bus that had the inside gutted to look like a lounge with plush leather seats, a great stereo system, and even a flat screen TV! I wish we could always travel like this for a night out. It sure beats a cab or the subway.

Bridesmaid Little and I looking civilized on the bus

We had a lot of fun on the bus blasting Work Wife's Spotify playlist. Nicki Minaj's Starships will forever remind me of my bachelorette party. I think we put that one on re-play one too many times. We stopped at three bars in the city. There was plenty of dancing, laughing, drinks, and like all good nights: a bartender threatening to call the cops on Bridesmaid Blondey. (Long story, but she thought he was holding her ID hostage, but I had it the whole time.) The quote of the night had to be her response to the threat, "CALL THE COPS? I AM the cops!"

 Bridesmaid Roomie and I 

Candids at the 2nd bar

My favorite pic of the night. You can clearly see us lurching backward as the bus driver jammed on the breaks as we were dancing around the bus

Sleepytime on the way home

The night was exactly what I imagined my bachelorette party to be, and I feel really lucky to have a great bridal party to throw such a fun night for me. Great friends old and new; and near and far made it out. Even Bridesmaid Kitty, who had spent a night in the hospital a few days prior for a crazy stomach virus, managed to come out to the pre-party portion.

I wish I could do it one more time. I am already looking forward to spending the big day with all these ladies as well.

Do you want to have a traditional bachelorette party or did you go a different route for your "last night out as a single lady?"

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