Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Showering of the Porcupine

A few weeks before the wedding my mom and bridesmaids threw a bridal shower for me. I don't know if this is just a "thing" among my family and friends, but the tradition is to keep the whole thing a surprise. Obviously, I knew it was coming at some point and time, but I didn't know when. For whatever reason this tradition lives on even though there are very few brides I've heard of that ever manage to be completely surprised. It's just too hard to not realize what is going on.

Bridesmaid Blondey established a story about going out to brunch one Sunday to meet her new guy. It seemed plausible until it occurred to me that there weren't any more weekends left in February. And, it was slipped to me that my shower was going to take place that month. Regardless, I was surprised by the day as a whole: friends and family that made the trip near and far and the beautiful restaurant my sister had picked out for the day.

Mr. P bringing me into the room

My MIL-to-be and my Mom

All the grandmas!

We took something like 950 photos. I was continuously warned that this would be nothing compared to the photo-fest of the wedding. After saying hello to everyone I could catch, we sat down and got to one of my favorite things….

Cheese cubes.

Everyone knows I am a sucker for some cheese. Appetizers were a mixture of cheese and fruit, bruschetta, and bread with a red pepper aioli sauce. For the main course I had a cheeseburger on an English muffin with some of the best french fries I've had in awhile, but there was also a French toast or Ceasar salad option.

The theme for the day was peacock to go with the rest of the wedding. 

This peacock feather towel cake from Bridesmaid Kitty acted as a centerpiece on the entrance table

A cute little bride and groom bird on the centerpieces

After we ate it was time for the whirlwind of opening presents. Luckily I had Mr. P's cousin, one of our flower girls, as my little helper. She took charge helping me unwrap big presents and tossing the paper to the side. 

My bridesmaids are pros at the shower process. The system we have all learned/mastered through the years:
  • Sit bride on chair
  • Have a few bridesmaids on one side of the bride to start ripping of the gift wrapping paper at the tricky corners
  • Pass the almost-open present to the bride
  • Bride passes the wrapping paper to a bridesmaid with a trash bag on the other side of her 
  • One bridesmaid takes note of everything the bride gets and who the gifts are from
  • When it's possible bridesmaids tape the cards to the presents 
We were like a machine. While presents were opened all the guests had a Bridal Bingo board. Every time I opened a present represented on their Bingo card they "X"-ed it off until it formed a line in the typical Bingo fashion. The winning guests got little gifts and prizes.

After presents were unwrapped we ended the day with some really yummy cake and more pictures. We played one more game- the Purse Game, where guests go down a checklist of items they may or may not have in their purse. The more items (and the more ridiculous) you have the more points you get. Flash drive anyone?

My bridesmaids and I

My sister/maid-of-honor and I

It truly went so fast that felt as if just five minutes had passed by the time it was time to load the cars and go. I am hoping the wedding doesn't feel that way- even though I am told it does.

Was your shower a surprise? Or, did you know about it the whole time?

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