Monday, February 13, 2012

Fitting In

Mr. P. DISCLAIMER: Retreat. Do not keep reading. Do not continue to look at this post. There are dress pictures down below.

Piggybacking on Miss Aardvark’s post about fitting into THE dress, I have some good news- my dress fits! Yeehaw!

When I ordered my dress, I bought it a size down. You might cringe and think “You NEVER do that!” but I have a sizing issue. The measurement gods like to tell me I am several sizes larger than what I actually do indeed wear (and I swear my clothing fits and I’m not in some elaborate denial). This happens to me time and time again regardless of whether it is a dress or a t-shirt.

For instance, whenever we would order sorority T-shirts for Rush events (I think this is the last time I ever measured myself) the sizing guides always told me I was an XL. I would always order a small or medium depending on my french fry and taco intake that month, and they would fit fine!

In dresses I am always measured as a size larger than what I really wear. Without fail I always order the size down and it fits perfectly (except when it’s a long dress, in which case my height dysfunction is the problem).

I don’t get this phenomenon. Anyone got anything for me?

When it came time to take my measurements for my wedding gown the lady measured me, stared at me, and spat out the size she was going to order me. I immediately told her to go a size down. She stared at me closely, stared at my mom, and actually said, “Okay, you can do it! Mom, you stay on her!”

I was so excited to have found my dress and be done with it that the Brooklyn running through my veins didn’t register what I really wanted to respond to her. I’ll leave that blank here as well.

A few months later, after practically signing in blood that I myself CHOSE to order the smaller size of my own free will, I started to get stressed. The sample I tried on was only about two sizes bigger than what I ordered and it was certainly not THAT big on me. What if the gown I tried on was just stretched out from all the brides pulling it on and off? I was also slacking on my workouts and eating habits so a few weeks before my dress was due to come in I started watching myself a little better. I didn’t lose any weight whatsoever. Stupid wine.

So, when I went in to try-on my dress for the first time I just wanted it to zip. That’s all. And, guess what?- THE DAMN THING WAS BIG ON ME!

Not HUGE, but it has to be taken in a bit. The measurement gods LIE again.

Anywho, a few more weeks later at my first fitting (the first round was just to confirm it was the correct dress/size/color/etc) I still had a little bit of apprehension. But, alas, it still fits the same. All is good in my corner of the bridal gown universe. One less thing to worry about.

Looking a little brutal and ridiculous at the end of the workday

Moral of the story is: I will never follow measurement charts ever. Maybe one day it will bite me in the butt, but right now they have never proven me wrong.

Did your dress fit differently than how you expected it to? Does anyone else have this measurement phenomenon?

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