Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Face it

I can officially say the sentence, “I am getting married next month.” It’s weird! How did time go so slowly, but yet so quickly?

Until the big day, besides for keeping my head on straight, I’ve really been trying to keep my skin from buggin’ out as it likes to do. I contemplated buying the Clinique 3-step system that a lot of the Bees have mentioned, going back to my dermatologist, or signing up for Proactiv again. I used Proactiv in college and for awhile it worked really well. However, it would eventually just quit working and my skin would dry up like a flaky grandma-face.

I was digging around my bathroom cabinet a few weeks ago and found an old bottle of Proactiv face wash. I had restarted the system a year or so ago, and had promptly quit using it when my skin was getting way too dry (and the auto-payment from my checking account was pissing me off as well). I decided to put together my own little skin plan, and so far, *KNOCK ON WOOD* it’s really working!

I am only using Step 1 (the renewing cleanser) from Proactiv’s 3-step system. I’ve realized that the reason the multi-step skin clearing solutions don't always work is because 3 steps of benzoyl peroxide products are way too drying for me. So, every morning I wash my face with the Proactiv cleanser.

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Then, I use a non-alcohol based toner. I like Neutrogena’s toner. I focus mostly on using it around the “outskirts” of my face closer to my hairline to get out any conditioner/hair product/face-dirt left behind that.

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Then I moisturize before putting on makeup. Right now I like Aveeno.

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At night I use a gentler face wash that isn't medicated.

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I finish up with a topical gel that I got from my dermatologist. I've had this stuff for almost a year now and there is still a ton left. You just dab a little on any pimples or red spots and they're gone in two days time.

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I definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist at least once if you have mild acne. The visits add up fast (even with health insurance), so I'm glad I found a good balance between over-the-counter and prescription products.

Hopefully my incoherent stress and chocolate binging won't turn against me in the next few weeks.

Do you have any good skin-clearing tips?

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