Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The One Where People Get Invited

It's time for the invitation reveal! I am so glad these are finally out, and it's sort of nuts that in a week we already got 50 "yes"es (and so far 0 "no"s)!

When it came to invitations I had many lofty goals. For a brief moment I wanted to design them myself, but soon decided that I just wasn't cut out to do that. Although I like designing things my design skills are still pretty basic. I also don't have the proper printer to do test-runs and didn't want to get stressed out by the little details like finding a printer, ordering paper, and well...lining up margins. I thought I would order specialty envelopes and possibly learn a little calligraphy. Reality set in and that never happened.

When push came to shove I ended up liking a design on Vistaprint. I procrastinated a little too long on whether or not to order it. I kept looking around on other invitation websites, comparing designs, comparing prices, and wondering if I was just settling on the Vistaprint design. I have to admit I was being kind of an asshole. I kept thinking, "my invitations can't come from Vistaprint. I need something more elaborate. My save the dates were even specialty made. Why skimp on the invites?"

After realizing the design on Vistaprint was really me and Mr. P's favorite I decided to get over my hang-ups. I waited a little too long for the perfect sale and things got down to the wire. Luckily, even though I hesitated on a free shipping deal, I ended up with a 50% off all items sale. The invitation sets came to under $130.00! I was shocked. We ended up ordering some extras, twine, and matching return address labels. The return address labels and stamps matched so well that I decided to just go with the white envelopes instead of spending more money on blue ones.

*All pictures are personal (obviously I need to invest in a new camera after the wedding)

 The whole simple suite

 Tied up together with twine

The corner of the return address label and the stamps we used

Ready to go!

All together with mailing labels, postage, and twine to wrap them up they only cost about $325. We sent out 99 invites (originally). That's $3.28 an invite.

They might not be the fanciest, the most original, or the most creative, but you know what- I really like them! I'm glad we went the route we did. The quality of invitations from Vistaprint are pretty good. And, the deal we got made it that much sweeter.

Did you go a simple route with your invites?

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