Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chalkboard Mason Jar Numbers

We had an intensively productive wedding task weekend. We spent a nice long weekend in Pennsylvania tying up a lot of loose ends- including getting our marriage license! It was easy, peasy- no line, no wait, nicest lady ever filling out our information.

My most successful accomplishment, besides wrapping 14 bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts all by myself (Mr. P was watching the Knicks- because, oh yea, suddenly everyone in New York cares about basketball again) was making our table numbers.

I had a lot of lofty goals- including dying mason jars blue. After a meeting with our venue where we finalized dark blue linens and light blue napkins in addition to some blue lighting our DJ is providing, I realized clear mason jars will be just fine. They will probably look blue anyway with the lighting/candles/blue linens.

Instead I stumbled upon some $5 hemp at Wal-Mart while trolling for wrapping paper and had an epiphany. Screw the blue, use hemp instead.

If you don’t care about your mason jars being antique and vintage, I definitely recommend ordering  from Wal-Mart. Ball jars are still Ball jars as far as I'm concerned. It was also the most affordable option. I had them shipped to a store by my in-laws to save more money and schlepping.

I had ordered some teeny chalkboards from factorydirectcraft.com to serve as the numbers. So, I set up my work station at the kitchen table and got to work.

You will need:
Teeny chalkboards -> Check out factorydirectcraft.com (Fast shipping, cheap prices, and tons of chalkboard options)
A hot glue gun
Hemp, twine, string, or ribbon
Mason jars

Easiest concept ever.

Just test our your hemp/string/ribbon’s length around the mouth of the jar before cutting it:

Slather on some hot glue:

Press the hemp down with something other than your fingers, because, um, OW!

Donezo- tada...

A finished sample featuring my favorite number

 All my numbers looking cute

I was really proud of myself for getting this done and off the to-do list. One less thing to think about.  I am really down to just one or two crafty projects. Neither of them are stressing me out. So, 10 points for me!

Now, to just get to the rehearsal dinner & wedding playlist…

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