Friday, August 19, 2011

Bridezilla Blasphemy

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When my closest group of girlfriends and I were in college, you could say we were a little too preoccupied to have healthy relationships. We were good students, but we were also heavily engrossed in our sorority and college life. That meant there was a lot of bar nights, mixers, greek week events, homecoming parties, philanthropy work, and overall foolery. Throughout those four years someone would occasionally date someone, but we were all sort of united in our singleness and had a great time through college. I don’t regret a single moment (okay, maybe a moment or two… three tops!)

When college started to grind to a halt, as we all had our “I’ll never let go, Jack” moments, and clung to our last few months, weeks, and days of the college bubble we began to couple off. I started dating Mr. Porcupine two months before graduation. Then, one of my close girlfriends, now a bridesmaid too, coupled off. Two more girls met their fianc├ęs at their first job a few months post graduation. A sorority sister, older then my core group of girlfriends, started the wedding train followed by a few other girls we knew but weren’t exactly close to any longer.

Even though it was a gradual process it felt like a ton of bricks hit us in the face, screaming the whole way “You ain’t kids anymore. You’re all about to be wives!” Even those that aren't engaged (yet) are living with their boyfriends, so it really has been a huge upheaval from our old lives.

As my wedding approaches I will have two weddings to attend a few months prior. After my wedding I will have three more weddings to attend in that same year, one of which I will be a bridesmaid in. This has really allowed me to put things into perspective, and be everything opposite of a bridezilla (seriously, I have said I don’t really care more then any normal bride probably should). Time hasn’t been leading up to “MY DAY.” It has been leading up to a helluva a lot of peoples’ days.

The timing of the wedding palooza over the past few years has really led me to dislike the bridezilla type. The type who thinks it’s all about "HER DAY." As a whole, the day is just a day, and really it’s about an "US." You’re not marrying yourself. On top of that, your guests and bridal party are a part of the day too. Getting mean, obsessive, dismissive, and thoughtless during the planning time because it’s “your” day has never made sense to me.

Are you planning a day where you will be standing in a room alone, cutting cake, and tossing your bouquet off into an empty room? And when the day is over, do you want everyone to celebrate that it's FINALLY over or that it happened?

Have you dealt with any bridezillas and survived to tell the tale? Ever feel yourself morphing into the dreaded "B" word?

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