Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Lists cause homicidal rage part 2

Just when I thought it was over…. the guest list monster has returned.

When I first created my guest list it seemed like a painfully daunting task. Not going to lie: it really was. My mother, ever so old-fashioned, decided it was easier for her to HANDWRITE the list. On top of this, there were some spelling mishaps and a few incomplete addresses. After I ironed that out, typed it up, and looked sadly at my design of the spreadsheet; I started copy/pasting Mr. Porcupine's guests into it as well. His mother had sent me her list in Word and it wasn’t flowing right with the Excel grid from hell I had created. I should have stopped right there and reformatted the whole darn thing. But instead I like to dig myself into ditches.

The whole task made me crazy and when it was over I figured I would go back at a later time and reformat. Unfortunately, my human eye made many the typo, and about 5 save the dates came back to us. Like an idiot, since we were mid-move and I was flustered, I just texted friends to get their address corrections and sent those off WITHOUT updating my guest list. Then Mr. Porcupine e-mailed me his family’s corrected addresses, but somehow those never got typed into the guest list. It took almost 2 months after we moved in for me to send those puppies out.

In my defense it was a hectic time! We were moving and I needed to find new envelope replacements! In my idiocy, it wasn’t THAT hectic. I could have broken out the laptop and updated the list quickly. But I had other priorities like packing crap and then unpacking crap. This is all the crap's fault, really.

Don't be stupid like me! Stay on top of your guest list, because just thinking about fixing this thing up is making me want to go toast some bagels instead.

Anyone have an award winning formula to make a guest list? Ever wish you could just send out a facebook wedding invite (and tell facebook-less grandma via phone when this shinding's happening)?

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