Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding funkalunk

I’ve been in a real wedding funk lately. Now that most of our vendors are booked, it’s time for the details. And, honestly, this is stressing me out more than anything. There are so many little things to decide on/iron out (song choices, place cards, guest book, favors, etc). And, most importantly of the detail woes, we have to somehow find the time with our insane, busy schedules (plus the future hubs’ annoying work schedule) to make a trip down to PA so that I can test out hair salons, and we can do a menu tasting.

The tasting has been a huge source of annoyance for me. Our caterer/venue requires the menu choice for each guest to be decided upon before the wedding. This means I can’t order my invitations without knowing what to tell the guests the menu options are. I could, in theory, order the invitations and get the menu card inserts later, but I live in pointless fear that the invitation I choose will get discontinued leaving me without matching menu inserts (I know, I know… the “horror”).

My hair/makeup trial has been my biggest concern. Finding a salon in a place where I don’t live has made me feel sick to my stomach. My problem is, I have BIG HAIR that many people can’t style well. I also have a large wedding party (plus moms, aunts, etc), so I need to find an affordable salon that can handle 12 or more women’s hair/makeup needs the day of the wedding. I have found that a lot of the salons in the area are pricey (as in more expensive then what I pay for a NYC haircut) and tiny!

On top of all this I have two very good friends getting married in the next few months. I find myself more excited for their weddings. The idea of just going to a wedding and having fun without having to worry about how I look, how much the guests are enjoying the day, if things are going to fall through the cracks, is much more appealing to me then dealing with my own wedding.

I know it will all come together, but right now it just makes me want to go sit on my couch and watch "Jail."

Has anyone else hit the wedding funk?


  1. The little details are the things that drive me crazy too. It was so much easier to pick vendors.

  2. I feel like I don't even know where to begin with the details. Such a pain!