Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let them eat.... cake?

I learned something exciting and new when planning my wedding. It’s a secret MATHZ equation that apparently is a well hidden secret in the wedding industry. It goes something like this: Flour + Eggs(Sugar/Milk) = GOLD!Wedding cakes are REDIC expensive kids!

I was shocked and appalled when I learned that if you’re having a 150 person wedding your wedding cake is not going to be under 1k, unless you pick up some Entenmanns from Shop Rite. And, believe me, I tried really hard to find some cheaper cake options. I priced cakes at popular bakeries, semi-popular bakeries, and a few new start-up ones, and guess what?: they were all A LOT A LOT OF DOLLAS! And, I don’t even like cake! It was the least of my concerns. I usually completely forget to eat the cake at weddings, or am too full to bother with it.

Finally, the little light bulb in the recesses of my brain lit up. A cake bar! I like bars! I like options! What if we just bought NORMAL cakes (that aren't equal to the price of gold) and one teeny “traditional top tier” cake for our cake cutting, and lay them out in a buffet/bar type arrangement. And, then add in some cute signs to go with it, like Love is Sweet & Let them eat Cake!

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs Photo by Thayer Photo

Image via The Funky Shack via Etsy 

It soon dawned on me that this was the perfect solution for the wedding. Especially since I don't even care about the cake. I'd rather eat a chicken parm hero then a slice of cake any day.

After a yummy tasting we picked our baker, made a consultation appointment that my future mother-in-law was nice enough to attend since only Monday appointments were an option (and taking a vacation day for cake didn't seem smart), and placed the order. 

Personal photo of the delicious cake options at Providence Bakery

Did you take a less traditional approach to something in your wedding without even meaning to?

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