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Porcupines Pick Their Person- Details of the Day

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The details of our wedding day came together perfectly, and I honestly didn't even plan for them to mesh together as well as they did. I have no good explanation for why the things I chose came together. They just did. It became a mish-mosh of rustic, peacock, blues, mason jars, and chalkboards. If there's one thing you can learn from my wedding plan tale it's to DO WHAT YOU WANT. It all comes together in the end, and you'll look back and know you did things how you wanted them.

I have a huge love for accessories so it was only natural for me to pick some very "Mrs. P"-ish ones for our wedding. Etsy became my best-friend during this part of wedding planning.

 Peacock clips from Lucyohlucy

Earrings were my "something borrowed"/Chunky pearl necklace from Ohmyliferocks

Beaded peacock-colored purse I got on the cheap during a random DSW sale

The "Feather Girl" baskets were mostly full of cheap blue & green feathers with a few peacock feathers tossed in, which were recycled from my bridal shower centerpieces (peacock feathers are way too pricey to buy specifically for tossing onto the ground!)

Overall, I loved our flowers, but to be completely honest my bouquet was way more purple than I wanted it to be. Actually, I specifically said I wanted absolutely no purple at all and, somehow, my bouquet ended up looking more purple than blue. It didn't really bother me at all that night because I loved the arrangement itself. It's sitting dead on my windowsill now as I type this. I feel like I can't throw it out (even though it smells horrendous)!

Can't forget those bees- even though it took a small army to figure out how to get them to stay put!

Loved our cake toppers from Itty Bitty Wood Shoppe

We decided to do a mix of high and low centerpieces, and had floating candles on the tables with river rocks at the bottom. I think the tablescapes looked absolutely perfect in the room.

Our cute little peacock-stickered favors packed with homemade fudge made by me and my mom

Clothespin "place tags", a peacock card box, and our wine cork guest "book"

 Some of our DIY chalkboards

My mother-in-law was lucky enough to acquire the chuppah from friends of hers. It consisted of four flower pots and four birch branches stuck into PVC piping. Our florist filled the flower pots with simple flowers, greenery, and twigs; and a blue tablecloth served as the covering.

The most beautiful detail had to be our venue, Riverdale Manor, which is truly a one-of-a-kind spot.

Do you plan to incorporate a lot of details into your wedding day?

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