Thursday, August 23, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person & Peace Out

Well, this is it. I really can't believe it. My time blogging on Weddingbee has come to an end. It is indeed time for the Porcupines to peace out.

The necessary Brooklyn peace out at the end of the night
Photo courtesy of friends

When I applied for Weddingbee, after a lot of back and forth on the whole matter, I had no idea how wrapped up in this world I would get. I didn't even think I would get chosen, and yet here I am almost a year later bringing it to a close. I thought I would just write a few witty posts about the oddity of my life mixed in with the joys of planning a wedding I never even knew I wanted, but I never really envisioned the day happening and being over. I planned our wedding for over 1 1/2 years, and just like I expected...I was relived when it was all over.

Seriously, HALLELUJAH. I am so glad that chapter of life is closed. Planning a wedding was like that part-time job I didn't remember applying for, but found myself working at every day after my full-time job (that happens, right?). I am so glad that the wedding was one of the best nights of our life. I am so glad everyone had fun, and seemed to love our wedding as much as we did. I am even more glad to be married to the person I already considered myself married to in my head. Paper didn't change things for us, but like everyone should have the right to, it sure does "official" things up.

But, I am pretty sad that it's time to go. Weddingbee has introduced me to people I would never have known. It has taught me that there is absolutely no "right way" to have a wedding, and it has been a hell of a lot of fun. Most importantly, it made me remember that I like to write. Actually, that I love to write, and it has encouraged me to start doing a lot more of it, because life is too short to forget about what you like to do.

I'm sure I won't be a total stranger. If I get too strange(er)ish, you can find me at New York Nonsense, where I'll ramble on about my general ridiculous and sometimes domesticated life in this crazy city. Or, come tweet me @NewYorkNonsense, where I randomly splooge out things in my brain.

Seriously, it's been real....

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