Thursday, August 16, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person- Save the Last Dance for Me

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After we had cut the cake and tossed the garter, it was back to business on the dance floor.

 Bridesmaid Blondie and I having a fierce dance off to our favorite song from High School 
(Dance with Me by 112...don't judge.)

 Our DJ even put on some Biggie for us to scratch to. I look so serious, but I swear I was aware that I looked completely ridiculous 

Mr. P's cousins were adorable all night and definitely had a treat dancing way past their bedtime

As the night came to a close our last song of the night began to play. We chose a Michael Buble favorite.

I honestly couldn't believe it was all over. The year and a half planning, the stress, the fun, the anxiety, the laughter, the night was all over. Just like that! It was a blur of pimples, puking, dancing, and laughter.

We had to collect everything from the venue and bring it all back with us on the shuttles to the hotel. There was a bit of a confusion since we had so much stuff to shlep, but with the help of family and friends we loaded everything up pretty quickly. We all convened back at the hotel lobby where we divvied up the items into cars to be taken home or to Mr. P's parents' house the next day.

Photo courtesy of friends
Thankfully our top tier was found after a slight scare that it had disappeared into the abyss!

Photo courtesy of work wife

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