Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person- My Favorite Traditions

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One of my favorite parts of weddings are the traditions during the receptions. Whether they are religious, cultural, or just plain-old inside jokes amongst family and friends I think they are what give weddings their personality. Otherwise receptions all sort of blend together in a mish-mosh of food, dancing, and champagne toasts.

After we had our first dance we "officially" started the wedding with the ceremonial blessing over the challah, a delicious sweet braided bread. The short prayer is said before we start the meal.

I have no idea why my dad bought the world's largest challah, but he did, and it was hilarious

My dad was also provided with a teeny-tiny butter knife to cut the challah, which had me and Mr. P. dying in our seats

Then it was time for the Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches- my sister and Mr. P's brother

My sister has some seriously random, warped memories of our childhood that made me crack-up

Mr. P's brother's speech was a perfect mix of funny and heart-string pulling tales

This picture really sums up our relationship in a nutshell. Mr. P is the emotional one, and I am always the weirdly awkward, funny one trying to keep it light. I had no idea I was making weird faces throughout the night, but there are tons of gems like this.

My all time favorite Jewish wedding tradition at weddings is the hora! I have little to no idea what version we used at the wedding- it was such a blur. I've included the below version of Hava Nagila only because I love cheesy, mildly ridiculous renditions of the song, and you've just gotta love those video fades going on!  (Sidenote: Hava Nagila was the song Aly Raisman used in her floor routine at the Olympics! Go Team U.S.A!)

In a nutshell the song speaks about rejoicing and being happy, and it isn't particularity religious. The bride and groom get lifted up in chairs as everyone dances around them.

You get bounced up and down a few times, and at one point I actually slipped right off the chair. I jumped off before it was lifted too high but, needless to say, my facial expression speaks volumes for how scary it gets up there. I also really didn't want anyone to fall over from a hernia.

After the hora it was time to eat some dinner so that we could get the rest of the night going!

Do you plan to incorporate traditions into your wedding reception? What is your favorite wedding tradition?

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