Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person- The Fun Continues!

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We took a little break from dancing the night away like straight-up fools for some civilized behavior, starting with the father/daughter & mother/son dances.

We also took the time to get the wedding cake cut! I was really excited about our mini wedding cake and cake bar. I'm normally not a cake person, but Providence Divine Cakes in York, PA is seriously delicious. We chose to cut our cake closer to the end of the night. I've only ever known the cake to be saved until the tail-end of weddings, but have since learned that people usually cut the cake right after dinner. Who knew?

Mr. P looked a little nervous when I held up that giant knife (I've actually never seen such a giant knife in my life)

 The bottom tier of our "mini wedding cake" was rainbow and the top- yet to be eaten- is funfetti

 We had a cake and cookie bar of assorted flavors, which all together cost less than a SINGLE wedding cake since all I wanted was simple/homemade looking cakes, and nothing with elaborate fondant

The flower and garter toss was up next, which I went back and forth on what to do about for some time. I knew I wanted to toss the bouquet, but wasn't so sure about the extremely awkward act of having your husband reach up your dress like a straight-up creep to get the garter. In the end, Mr. P. convinced me to do the garter toss for tradition's sake. When it came time for the garter toss I suddenly realized I had never put my garter on! My DJ announced that it was about to begin, and Bridesmaid Roomie booked it like hell to the bridal suite to find the damn thing. We literally pulled it right up my leg a moment before I plopped into the chair.

  Yes, that person looks like me because my little sister caught it, and looks extremely alarmed to have done so...

 And, then, after explaining to Mr. P where a garter is...

...he tossed it, and my sister's boyfriend caught it! (I swear- NOT rigged.)
Look at our flower girl in the background looking scarred for life, yikes!

We still had another hour or so until it was time to wrap it up, and we definitely made the most of the rest of the evening on the dance floor, including a little bride/groom DJ session, yet to come!

Do you plan to include traditional aspects like the bouquet/garter toss and parent dances into your wedding?

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