Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paper vs. Chalk

I love all things paper. When I was a kid I was always way too into my back-to-school supply shopping; I love roaming around the stationary/journal section of bookstores; and I still prefer a paper list to a digital one, but paper products can be pricey! When it comes to the wedding I have been looking a lot into chalkboards. It goes perfectly with the rustic feel of our venue.

Image via Wedding Chicks / Photography by Emily Faulknor
Image via Something Blue Brides / Photo by Heather Neckers

Image via The Knot 

We are definitely going to have a menu chalkboard. Since all of the dinner choices will be decided upon when invites go out there will be no need for menu cards. A chalkboard menu displayed at the venue entrance will do the trick at refreshing everyone's memory on what they are about to eat. We are still undecided on the chalkboard seating chart.

I can already hear my grandma: What's this smudge?? *licks finger and erases everyone at her table*

How are you planning on wrangling all the different paper aspects of your wedding?


  1. LOL to grandma! That would be amazing if she did that. Or better yet if she just changed who was at her table.

  2. Sadly, my grandma would totally do this and think nothing of it. "I was just making it better. Whaaaat?"