Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well Lookie Here, I'm a Bee??

I'm a bee? Say whaaa?? I am still in mass confusion about this. I was convinced my little redhead (okay, that's a lie- my head's not quite that little) would get lost amongst the many applications. But, then, one crazy busy day at work, I looked down at my Blackberry and blindly scanned the e-mail that said I was a Bee in a sleepy haze of confusion.

My brain did something like this: "think you'd be a great addition to the team." = Huh, when did I join a league? I'm on a team? What kind of weird spam is this?

Then the end-of-workday haze cleared and I scrolled back up to the "FROM" line, and it all made sense. I hope you guys are ready for me, because I'm a bit of a nut. I would say crazy, but I don't think that's politically correct anymore.

I had to pick the porcupine (after much difficult life decision deliberation), because a) her hairdo resembles my fro in its natural form (thank you hair gel/hair straightener gods) and b) like this little dude I may look sweet, but I definitely have a prickly side to me. I can't help it. It's the Brooklyn in me!

So, who the are these kids, you ask?

Just another day in the life...

Cleaning up for my college roomie's wedding

We're two wackos who found each other in college right before I graduated (even though we had already known each other for 2 years). I'm a sarcastic New Yorker and he's a friendly Pennsylvanian. I'm obsessive compulsive and he's laid back. (Isn't that how it always seems to go?) He's a sports fanatic and I'm a celebrity news junkie. Our shared love of all things buffalo wings, lazy movie nights, Mexican food, obsessively making plans way too far in advance, and cheap wine keep us together.

Oh, did I mention we also share the wacko gene.

Our trip to Mexico in 2010 at a "tequila factory"
(lies, it turned out to be in a mall)

Because I like to be ironic (but hopefully there's no rainnnnnnnnn on our wedding day), we're getting married in Lancaster, Pennsylvania: home of the Amish, in a converted barn with an attached rustic ballroom. Not like I'm a stereotypical New Yorker or anything, whose lungs hurt when breathing in country air...

We have a great big eclectic wedding party. Think sorority girls meet "I Love You Man" (the movie). I've never been a big "wedding head" (but, why, yes it looks like I'm here blogging about my wedding), but have learned to embrace planning (and Etsy). We have accomplished a lot that I can't wait to blab your ears eyes off with, and also have a whole lot more to do. At this point- with 7 months to go- I am looking forward to just being able to dance to Lady Gaga with a glass of champagne. So let's go kiddies!!

**all pictures are personal photos**