Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend of Wedding Tasks

A few weekends ago I embarked on a whirlwind of weddingland tasks. (How many "w"s are in that sentence?) To start, Black House White Market was having an awesome sale and I found a great dress for one of the 342 weddings I will be attending in the next year.

*All pictures are personal photos*
Please excuse my chopped off head... I was 
making a horrible one eyed goober wonky face

This is pretty good for me, considering I usually wait until the last minute humanly possible to buy a dress before an event, pick the first thing I find that I halfway like, and then look back at pictures and hate my procrastinating self. The best thing about this dress is that I can just keep adding a new belt for every wedding I go to. Buying 342 dresses gets too expensive, sheesh. Belts, however, are the broke girl's budget friendly option.

On our way home from a weekend spent eating and drinking our weight in calories we stopped to see a movie. While meandering through the mall to kill time before it started, Mr. Porcupine and I stumbled upon a Kay Jeweler. One really good salesman later, plus a labor day sale, ended with us having walked away ordering wedding bands!

Turns out, the reason the platinum/gold combo was looking so strikingly horrible was because my ring was SUPER dirty. Not just a little dirty, but more like I fell in a pool of molasses and when I made it through to the other side rolled in a pile of mud dirty. The salesman quickly ran it through their jewelery cleaning machine so that I could get a better idea when comparing wedding bands to my engagement ring. It came out looking like a BRAND NEW ring!

Suddenly the white gold paired up with the platinum looked just fine. I wish I would have thought to snap a picture of the rings together, but we were too caught up in the whole process. I will have it in a few weeks. First, it needs to be sized properly and re-tweaked. Until then we were able to walk away with Mr. Porcupine's band.

He went with a tungsten band that has some etching in the middle. It's a little hard to see via craptastic Blackberry photo. I was surprised that finding my band was quick, simple, and painless. After our Zales fail I didn't have high hopes, but the salesman at Kay saw my engagement ring and knew just what wedding band would match instantly.

Mr. Porcupine was Mr. Indecisive. He kept going back and forth on how many millimeters he wanted the band to be, if he wanted it all black, if he wanted it made in tungsten or gold. It took awhile, but the choice is made, and we have another thing crossed off the list without even expecting it to happen.

Did you make any wedding related decisions on a whim? Was your wedding band hunt easier than anticipated or harder than you imagined?

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