Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peacock Purpose

My friends, family, and bridesmaids keep asking me what is up with the peacock thang? I am not overly into "themed" weddings, but I have been incorporating peacock accents into the wedding. But, why?

Well, the answer is simple... I don’t know.

After getting engaged, picking a venue, and beginning to iron out the details of our day, Mr. Porcupine and I easily agreed on doing a “blue thing.” We both love blue. Mr. Porcupine objected to “girly” colors- whatever those may be. Since I never thought much about my own wedding I was cool with that. I don’t want a pink wedding (one of said girly colors Mr. Porcupine objected to), and I always flock to blue. Easy, simple, done.

Then I started my foray into wedding blogs. Peacock weddings were popping up everywhere. The blue/green-ness (and yes, sometimes purple- but I’m skipping out on that color) matched up with the colors I love to wear. Even though I will be WEARING a white dress on the big day, I still flock to a blue color palette. It’s bizarre. If you look into my closet you will see far too much blue. Sometimes I come home with new clothes, hang them in my closet, and curse at myself for buying something seemingly the same exact color as 90 other things in my closet. Apparently I also have wardrobe memory loss.

So, why peacock? I dunnoz, I LIKE IT! Sometimes planning a wedding makes people too obsessive with finding the freakin' meaning in all the details. Yes, I want a meaningful wedding, but everything doesn't have to go with a story. (Once upon a time Miss Porcupine met Mr. Porcupine while walking through a beautiful field. In the yonder distance they saw a peacock strutting its stuff down a hill. They knew right then and there they were meant for something huge....err no). Sometimes you forget that a wedding is also about having fun, and celebrating the start of a new family. You can't find more meaning then that.

So, we’re doing this peacock thing. Because I said so. Because it's fun! It will look darned pretty, and everyone will like it. And, if they don’t, I will never know, because I certainly don’t think anyone will tell me to my face. Winning all around.

Did you pick your wedding colors or theme on a whim, or do they hold more meaning to you?

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