Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That Big White Dress

I debated over whether or not to post about THE dress. Mr. Porcupine reads all my blog posts, and he is just a bit too curious for his own good. So, Mr. Porcupine, I am probably sitting on the couch adjacent to you as you are reading this. Put down the laptop and walk away now, or I will not feed you dinner for the next month. ;)

**all photos are personal except for where it is noted

The second reason I was unsure about posting is that my dress story is pretty boring. I searched the interwebs for months before trying on my first dress. I went to only two stores. On the second visit the third or fourth dress was it. And, then, I was done...

I didn’t try on a single wedding dress for almost 6 months after getting engaged. Overall, I was dreading the task. I hate, hate, HATE dress shopping in general. My body is weird, and I always have a hard time finding a dress that fits me right. I’m usually a size 10 or 12, but since I’m short the length is ALWAYS wrong on me. I was also unsure about doing a traditional long gown. I was convinced it would dwarf me.

My internet search obsessions were as follows, in order of preference:

Image via Mori Lee

I obsessed over these dresses for what felt like forever. There were a few more in the mix, but these were the main contenders. I especially drooled over the Mori Lee gown with all of the intricate ruching.

Of course, the first shop I went to in New York had none of the dresses I had laboriously searched for. My mom and two of my bridesmaids that were along for the ride that day pulled some dresses similar to what I had printed out. I soon realized that the A-Line look I loved was indeed dwarfing me. I’m not even kidding when I say that the ratio between my knees and my ankles is ridiculously miniscule. The slight puff of the A-line was making me look like a little girl playing dress-up (and I plan on wearing flats or low heels because Mr. P is not that much taller than I am. I think I’m allowed 1 teeny vain bridal moment).

Nothing caught my eye except for one dress, the ever popular Adorae by Sottero and Midgley.

Yes, I’ve chopped my head off again due to my horribly wonky-eyed goober facial expression.

Everyone loved it, but I had a weird kind of feeling about it. I liked it the best out of everything else I tried on, but that wasn't saying much. It didn't feel like me. It felt way too glamorous for the rustic-chic feeling I want for our wedding. If I was having a different type of wedding then maybe it would have worked out. I also felt really hippy in it when I saw the photo of myself. Granted, this is the worst angle EVER to take a photo, but still a problem.

A few weeks later my mom, sister, and I were off to another shop. I pulled a bunch of random dresses that I hadn't previously noticed online. They didn’t have my Mori Lee obsession in stock, but I pulled a very similar dress hoping it would appease me. I tried on a few dresses that, again, just weren't doing it for me. I also tried on the awesome short Justin Alexander gown that I can’t wait to see Miss Kettle rock! Unfortunately, I’m way too short for the teacup length. And, then, I pulled on a simple WToo style that I had blindly grabbed off the racks.

I tried it on minus the flower, and my consultant quickly wrapped a sparkly belt around me. After the belt went on, I am not even exaggerating when I say, everyone in the shop stopped, stared, and started commenting on how that was MY dress. One girl approached me for the style number because she was off to another appointment, but had to try the dress on. It was completely bizarre and surreal. I am really NOT that girl. I never imagined I’d have a “this is the dress moment,” but I did!

I was a little hesitant to buy the dress without ever trying on my little Mori Lee baby. But my consultant was awesome. Earlier, I had tried on a very similar dress to my Mori Lee obsession, which I had hated on me. She assured me that the Mori Lee I had coveted was so similar that I would have the same reaction to it. I quickly realized she was right. Why turn away from a dress I clearly loved for a style that I continuously noticed wasn’t working for my body type?

The final product will look very different from the stock photo.  Along with the belt addition (which ironically is by Mori Lee), I plan on making the top dip into a sweetheart neckline. After the consultant assured me all these tweaks were completely possible I tried on a few veils. I chose one with a few rhinestones sewn into it, and about a half an hour later the store had my mom’s deposit! The best part is that the dress alone is under $1,000! The accessories and alterations will bump it up a little, but the price was exactly in the budget.

I managed to get one semi-decent photo of the dress, and a close-up of the belt that won me over.

I have no idea why I look tan here, but I hope that happens on my wedding day

Was your dress hunt easier than you anticipated it to be? Did you end up in a dress different from what you imagined?

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