Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Hive, I think I owe you a lot of updates on things that took place in a short span of time on a lot of things I left hanging.

For one, I babbled on about the story of how Mr. Porcupine got my engagement ring, but I didn’t show you all some pertinent picture evidence that it even exists. Also, my wedding band came in fairly quickly so here are both of those babies.

In person they look strikingly alike. You can’t tell that one is white gold and the other is platinum. I just need to get my engagement ring re-sized. We have to go to Baltimore to Smyth Jewelers to do this. If we get it sized elsewhere, it breaks our warranty. You see, my engagement ring is a size 5 1/2, even though I am really a 5 ¼. I’ve just sort of been making it work all this time. I ordered the wedding band in my actual size of 5 ¼, and the rings aren’t lying flush together. The engagement ring is sort of ballooning away from my finger noticeably. Who would have thought that a tiny little measurement difference like that would make such a blatant difference?

It’s all fine and good because we have two upcoming trips to PA, so we have two opportunities to hop on over to Baltimore to size my ring. We scheduled a menu-tasting which has helped a bunch with my wedding funkalunk. The tasting is actually on Mr. Porcupine’s birthday! So, we will turn a trip to PA into a wedding task/birthday extravaganza. If there is time we also will meet up with the Rabbi conducting our ceremony, and I might squeeze in a hair/make-up trial. If we can’t find the time I still have December.

Lastly, the rehearsal dinner problem is solved! Mr. Porcupine’s parents found a place. We will have the rehearsal dinner at the Press Room, which has a pretty unique "newspaper theme" to it. We’re not set on the menu yet, but the American-style food options sound great. Best of all it will fit our large group! I love that the party room is called the Publisher's Room, since I work in publishing. Now, let’s hope they don’t go out of business too!

The moral of the story is it all works out. Things start coming together whether or not you think they will. Sometimes it's best to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

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