Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soooo, how'd ya meet?

Everyone loves that question. Sooooo, how did ya meet? Mr. Porcupine and I used to get that a lot. Almost 5 years later, and that question has sort of worn off, but I'm sure you guys are wondering.

It was my junior year when we first "met." I had just left the first of many sorority rush events (*ahem* I mean "recruitment" since the word rush was banned from our school, yea...) and I was sweaty and disgusting. I remember our recruitment shirts that year- they were black and it was one of those hot September days that haven't yet realized that summer is over.  Me.No.Like. Hence our March wedding.

My roommate and I stopped to speak to one of our sorority sisters who was one of the RAs of her dorm. A few of her residents came downstairs, and a friend of hers brought his dog over. Mr. Porcupine was one of those residents. He and his roomie stood around petting the dog. We all introduced ourselves. Then, we left. Exciting, I know. Why in the name of Charlie Chaplin do I even remember this?

Fast forward a few weeks later and Mr. Porcupine's good (female) friend decided to pledge my sorority (*ahem* I mean, decided to go through the "new member orientation process".... pledge, another banned word). Said friend became my sorority little sister. Yes, I know if you weren't in a sorority this sounds plain ridiculous, but I swear it seemed completely normal at the time. Now, when I slip and call her Little, people are all like buhhhh what is this "little" you speak of?

After my little started "new member orienting," aka pledging, Mr. Porcupine started to basically act like a JERK to everyone in the sorority. He will vehemently deny this, but it's true! We were all convinced he was jealous that his bud was not around as much anymore. I immediately decided to dislike him and ignore him when we would pass each other in the Communications building of our campus. I was also very mature in college, did I mention that?

Soooooo, we did that for awhile.

**all pictures are personal photos

Said little (who is actually average person sized) with Mr. Porcupine and I after we got together

Fast forward 1.5 years and my little brings him to my senior year semi-formal as a guest (as a friend, not as a romantic interest or anything- no dramz here), and Mr. Porcupine ended up hanging out with me most of the evening.  Fast forward a few more months, and we ended up meeting up at our college's sacrilegious weekly Friday happy hour (and by college's I mean the bar's down the street where everyone from our school went). From there we started "dating" aka no one I know "dates" in college, you "hangout" because you're too broke to join the real world of dating (which apparently exists).

A month later, before I left for spring break with some sorority sisters, I asked him what was going on. Were we a "couple?" So we decided to make it official, and the rest, as they say, is history. Actually before history began I got a fever, threw up the entire night before leaving for Acapulco (great start to a relationship don't ya think... "helpppp, I'm violently puking"), and wanted to die the first few hours we landed in Mexico.

Our first real "couple photo" upon my return from Mexico

I graduated that May (Mr. Porcupine still had a year to go) and moved home, which was only 45 minutes from our school. We did the "semi-long distance" thing for a year, and then, after he graduated, got our first apartment together. Now we're up to our second place and planning our wedding (for 1 1/2 years)! My, how time flies, and then starts trolling extremely slowwwwwly.

Was your "how we met" story one for the books? Or, did it just sort of happen?

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