Monday, October 17, 2011

New Yawk State of Mind

A New York wedding can be many things. A traditional New York wedding consists of TONS of delicious food, is held in a beautiful chandeliered ballroom, and consists of lots and lots of partying. I mentioned before that I don’t want a traditional New York wedding and am going for a more rustic-chic look. This is not to say that I don’t LOVE attending a New York-style wedding. I've found that they are some of the best to go to, but I may be a little bias on that. I thought I would give the Hive a taste of what a “New York style” wedding is, something that Miss Fox and I mentioned that may have left people from other parts of the United States/Earth stumped. Plus, who doesn’t love some wedding visuals on Weddingbee?

Here goes! Let's refer to my friends as Mr. and Mrs. Bear. I’ve known the Bears for quite some time. Mr. Bear and I went to High School together, and then we moved onto the same college. Mrs. Bear was my first college friend (after my roommate). Sometime during the first week of freshmen year I had a dorm party. Mr. and Mrs. Bear both attended, met each other, and the rest is history! So, if you’re counting, that would mean they have been together for almost 8 years. We have all been waiting patiently for this wedding day. Prepare for picture overload!

The day was pretty dreary until right before the ceremony was set to begin. The sun came out just in time for them to get all those first look/wedding party pics. Good karma juju at its best!

The sun coming out on the beautiful property at The Swan Club

The ceremony space

Here comes the Bride with her Pops


After the ceremony we moved onto the cocktail hour, which is notoriously a meal in itself. Cocktail hour consisted of a pasta bar, an array of meats, eggplant parmesan, sausage and peppers, short ribs, hummus, cheeses, a huge seafood boat, and paella (I'm sure I'm missing a few key items as well).

Various dishes being served at cocktail hour

Pasta bar

Seafood Boat with a huge castle ice sculpture

For dinner and dancing we moved into the ballroom, which was decked out with a purple Fall theme.

Photo via The Swan Club because it was too dark for me to get a good shot
 on my crappy point and shoot

Pumpkin centerpieces

The guest tree guestbook and table numbers

Cards went into the white pumpkin

After a cantaloupe and prosciutto appetizer and salad we had four options for dinner. I went for the steak.

Yes, that is one serving of steak!

And, of course there was a lot of dancing.

Mrs. Bear and I taking a break on the dance floor

After the garter toss

Wedding cake cutting time

An infamous part of any New York wedding is the Venetian hour which consists of TONS of dessert options. Along with the red velvet wedding cake there were cakes, pastries, fruit, an ice cream bar, and mousse just to name some of the array of treats.

Venetian Hour goodness!

I went with mousse (with sprinkles, I'm a child), black forest cake and chocolate covered strawberries

Happy Wedding Day Bears!

It was a really fun evening. It reminded me that I better get a move on with my own wedding planning. I have used this wedding and an upcoming destination wedding for another good friend as a point of reference for when I need to seriously start planning. My motto for so long has been "well after everyone else gets married I'll worry about that..." I guess it's time to start worrying about "that."

**all photos are personal except where noted

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