Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, how the heck did he pop the question?

I am going to interrupt this planning journey to take a stroll back in time (over a year ago, holy cow!) to tell you the story of how the Porcupines got engaged. I apparently blacked out for a moment when I was telling you about how we met and how Mr. Porcupine got the ring. I just stopped there, and went right into our planning journey, without even telling you the story of how the engagement went down.

Well, for starters, it was my 25th birthday (never saw that one coming.) I always thought it would be a more low-key engagement. Wrong! My birthday fell on a Sunday and we had gone out the night before with our friends. Here’s an idea of how the night went.

So, yeahhhh, it was a bacon, egg, and cheese/pure grease down my gullet kind of morning.

Mr. Porcupine had let me know he had plans to take me out to a nice restaurant in the city on Sunday (my actual birthday). He wouldn’t tell me where it was though. Only that I should dress-up. I had a dress and everything. AND pearls. I was feeling fancy.

I don’t remember what I did that day. I think I sat around like a bum. Come mid-afternoon I begged Mr. Porcupine to drive to dinner because the restaurant was all the way uptown, and Sunday craptastic Subway service + feeling less then stellar = WAH. He was being a major freakazoid all day, but finally agreed. So, I took my sweet time getting ready. More lagging around. Iron a strand of hair. Put eye make-up on one eye. Lag. Put make-up on the next eye. Etc.

Mr. Porcupine was getting really freakin’ antsy at this point. I had one nagging thought of, “Is he going to propose on my birthday??” But, I honestly never thought he’d propose on a pre-existing holiday (like my birth). Finally, I finish lagging, Mr. Porcupine pulls out a large box from his closet and out the door we go.

We go downstairs and BAM a limo! I didn’t even get a picture of it because I was in mass confusion. A limo looked so silly on our little narrow block full of brownstones, across from a Laundromat. I was all, “Huh, WHAT is this doing here?” So, Mr. Porcupine explains it’s for us, and I immediately felt like puking (in a good way). If he’s not proposing, I thought, he is mentally deranged for getting us a limo on my birthday!

Lo and behold, we get in the limo, and he doesn’t even wait for the driver to put up the partition between the driver and us. He tosses the giant box at me and makes me open the card. I read it, and it ends with, “this year for your birthday I have a very important question to ask….” He pops out the ring box (sneaky giant box decoy) and just stares at me, ghost-faced. NO QUESTION! In typical Miss Porcupine fashion, I say, “YOU HAVE TO ASK THE QUESTION!” So, he does, and then continues to stare blankly, so I had to put the ring on my own finger. Only us!

At this point the limo pulls out, and I am so excited, ready to call all my friends when Mr. Porcupine informs me everyone knows! Everyone knew for quite some time. And those who didn’t know, he had told the night before while we were out for my birthday. He just can not keep big news like that to himself. The only people who didn’t know? My parents and my sister! They were on vacation, and it took a half an hour to get a hold of them as they were lounging by the pool.

We drove around Manhattan for awhile and finally pull up to Park Avenue Summer, a really nice restaurant that changes its menu and name by the season. It was a really yummy meal and a beautiful restaurant. A great end to an exciting birthday.

My hunched-back gremlin pose

Really cool dessert

Official engaged photo (not sure what happened with the awkward cardigan button)

Did your engagement catch you off guard?

*all pictures are personal

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