Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perhaps We Should Invite the Guests

This might be a good time to start doing likeee actual stuff for the wedding, and perhaps stop whining. Since it seems, after all the vendors are booked, there are still several hundred things to do. One of those things would be invitations. Oh, you freakin’ expensive invitations, you. How I love/loathe you and your paper goodness. And, no, I do not think it is a good idea to subject myself to a “print yourself” or a “design yourself” venture. Mostly because I hate when I toss printers across the room- there are just too many pieces of plastic to pick up afterward.

Moving right along…. I’m still unsure if I want to go the full blown peacock route. Yes, that is our “theme” and all, but we also have a blue/green situation going on. Would a peacock invitation be peacock overkill? I’m trying to stay away from having the actual bird on anything. I just like the idea of the feathers. And, I could include a feather in a twine tied-up simple blue invitation. I don’t necessarily need the peacock feather imagery on it.

I originally thought “oh, I’ll just order from wedding paper divas or the like” because that’s cheap, right? WRONG. Those online invitation sites are cheapER, but certainly not cheap. I would say their prices are pretty standard if you don’t want to go ballz out with letterpress or other more expensive design options. They certainly do beat the prices of some of these invitation shops around New York. But, the savings are certainly not SO significant that I can go out and buy a new Coach tote with the difference. (I have not bought a new purse since getting engaged, 10 POINTS for ME!). My original idea of a budget for invitations was $300. Haha, oh pre-wedding planning Porcupine, you are fun-E.

The new plan is to keep it reasonable. I have a few options so far that I love (I say I and not we because Mr. Porcupine mostly will nod and agree to any invitation I show him).

Invitations by Little Spark Creations via Etsy

I love the last one the best for obvious peacock feather obsession reasons. I didn't originally want to go the pocketfold route. I feel like it's a little too formal for the rustic look we want for our wedding. I'm still on the fence on the whole thing. I can't order anything until I know our menu options after our November tasting, so I have a few more weeks to weeble wobble.

Anyone have a great invitation shop recommendation? Is a peacock invitation TOO much peacock?

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