Sunday, October 23, 2011


When I first thought of wedding shoes, I thought "mmm, k."

I am not a shoe girl. I have never paid more than maybe 75 bucks for a pair of dressy shoes. I think the most expensive pair of shoes I own are my Uggs. Does that count? And, yes, I don't care how "uggly" they are, I love me some Uggs.

Early on in planning I decided I wanted my something blue to be my shoes. Plus, factoring in our peacock/blue color scheme I thought it made a lot of sense.

Apparently I am unconsciously trying to BE Carrie Bradshaw on my wedding day (minus the part where my groom loses his ish and ditches me, only to propose later with some Manolos), because not only did she have the blue shoes, but she also had that peacock thing going on.

Image via Bitten and Bound

The infamous Sex and the City Manolos via Neiman Marcus

Oh boo, I swear I did not do this intentionally. I am much more of a Charlotte. Oh, well. There are worse comparisons in life.

My one hurdle in this blue shoe shopping game has been that I can't decide if I want to commit to blue flats. Mr. Porcupine is only about four inches taller than me, and I don't want to tower over him in pictures. I can't seem to find too many low heel/wedge options that are blue.  And, besides for all that height garbage, I really love the idea of blue flats. Lord knows I will be kicking off any sort of heels I wear once the dancing gets underway.

So far there are a few shoes in the running that I keep putting off buying. I keep waiting for a shoe to pop up out of nowhere that beats all of these. But, with my first fitting slowly creeping up, I think it's time I just pick some shoes and be done with it.

An affordable navy low heeled Nina shoe via which would work 
perfectly with a peacock shoeclip

A not so affordable Badgley Mischka flat via

Sparkly flat via

Another good option to wear with a peacock shoe clip via DSW

Me Too blue flats via Zappos
Stop TORTURING me Kate Spade via Zappos

If I could rationalize spending a lot of money I would have Kate Spades sent directly to my door. But, I don't think I can really find a good reason to ever spend that much money on something people will barely see on my wedding day.  

To flat or not to flat? Anyone have a favorite from these (minus those Kate Spades I can NOT afford)? Any online shoe shop suggestions (minus Zappos, Endless, and DSW which I've covered)? 

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