Tuesday, November 8, 2011

America's Next Top... Bride

When it comes to the big day we ALL obsess over something related to our appearance. I have never heard of a bride who was like “um, I’ll wear my burlap sack and stick a ribbon around my bird’s nest unwashed fro.” Even the brides on My Big Redneck Wedding (oh where has that show gone?) care about their appearance- even if they were getting married over a swamp. *Nothing against real life self-proclaimed rednecks out there. That show was just freakin-a nuts!

My usual concerns for any event that involves looking nice includes worrying about breakouts, my big hair, flare ups of these annoying red bumps I get on my arms, and underarm boob. You know that fun piece of blubber in the armpit area that looks like a baby boob when squashed at just the right angle.

Hmmm, I sound real attractive right now. I swear I’m not a troll living under a bridge on the regular, but when it comes to nice events I pay more attention to these things. And as a bride it’s on my mind, of course. Definitely a lot more. I think many of us can agree that we over analyze how we will look on our wedding day, and lately I’ve been thinking: WHY? I mean obviously we don't want to look bad. But, why do we suddenly need to be perfect on ONE day- especially when our significant other, family, and friends already know what we look like pretty well.

Why in the who-ha do we have this obsessive need to look “perfect” on our wedding day. (MOVIES, TELEVISION, THE DEVIL?) On a regular old Tuesday I like to shower, do something to make my hair look presentable, put on a normal amount of makeup, and match my clothes with some accessories. You know... look like a person. On a Friday night out I might apply a little more eyeliner; before a friend’s wedding I may stop eating carbohydrates every 19 minutes; and before a vacation I will probably get a haircut. Why on my wedding day do I need to add another layer of FIX THIS FIX THIS NOW to my life?

I’m not advocating going totally granola and going make-up free in a white t-shirt to our weddings. (I mean unless that’s your thing.) But, why do we over analyze every blemish, hangnail, and eyebrow hair? On our wedding day there will still be make-up, good lighting, and Photoshop. We can’t magically become perfect on our wedding day. Even Kate Middleton had a…. (okay, actually she looked perfect- whatever).

My point is that we want to look back at pictures and see ourselves. Not someone who emerged from a makeover special on the Today show. Obviously, we don’t want to look like we rolled out of bed, but we don’t need to look like a picture out of Barbie’s Dream Wedding Day.

Yes, I'm still concerned about a bad breakout or a big-hair day. I worry about spilling alcoholic libations on my white gown. But, I will not let myself get crazy. At least I can try. I'm sure my memory will wipe this concept clear from my mind about 19 hours before my wedding.

Anyone else trying not to freak out about their appearance on their wedding day? Anyone else out there watch My Big Redneck Wedding?? I can't be the only one! Gah, that show was so good!

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