Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Unwed Holidays

Not to get deep on you all, but I have to say that sometimes I take a step back and realize Mr. Porcupine and I are really lucky to each come from a family that has accepted the other with open arms. Since the day Mr. Porcupine and I got together we have immediately clicked with each other's families.

I didn't get much of a chance to get used to the idea of meeting "the whole fam" when it came to our relationship. After about 3 months as a couple I met pretty much EVERYONE in Mr. P's family at his brother's wedding. On the flip side, Mr. P met my immediate family (parents, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents) at my college graduation after only two months as a couple. So really early on we knew what we were getting into.  (Haha, I kid.... OR DO I?)

When it came time for the holidays, I can only vaguely remember our first holiday season together. For our first Thanksgiving together I spent the actual holiday- that Thursday- with my own family and then met Mr. P out in Pennsylvania for the rest of the weekend. Since that time it became the norm for me to go with Mr. P to PA for Thanksgiving since his whole family scattered around the East Coast meets up there. For Hanukkah, Mr. P and I spend it with my family since they throw a little Hanukkah party shin-dig. For other pertinent Jewish holidays we usually are able to find a way to celebrate with both families thanks to Jewish holidays lasting a few days (i.e. Passover).

There has never been that "well last year we spent it with YOUR family so we're going to MY family" argument.  Neither of our families have ever shown any annoyance over the arrangement either. Ever since the first time we shared a holiday together, each of us has been made to feel like our presence at the table (or perching on the floor) has always been there.

Annoyingly enough I have no photos of us during our first holiday season. But, I do have a shot of us at our first engaged Thanksgiving.

Classy Shot

Mr. P's comparison to a troll shot 

Last post-Thanksgiving weekend Mr. P's parents used the time getting the family together as a good excuse to throw a mini-engagement celebration. Since we opted to not have an engagement party it was just the usual small gathering his parents always have over along with my parents and sister. 

It was a great weekend, and since we decided to have the most annoyingly long engagement (unintentionally) ever, we have one last engaged Thanksgiving to go. This year we're spending it at my parent's. Mr. P's parents have re-arranged their Thanksgiving location since Mr. P's SIL won't be able to travel due to the impending LIL BABY!!!! (Oh, I haven't mentioned my insane baby obsession yet? 'Cause yesterday I almost got hit by a car as I smiled at a little chubby baby in his carriage-TRUE STORY). Due to Mr. P's work schedule we're staying put.

I'll have to make sure to snap a pic to mark our LAST non-married Thanksgiving. Next year we'll be husband and wife (SAY WHO-WA? WEIRD! THATZ A GROWN-UP WORD). I'm sure next year's holiday will feel just the same as always thanks to our fams.

Do you have an easy holiday-sharing arrangement with your significant other? Did you and your SO feel a part of each other's families pre-marriage?

*all are personal photos

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