Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After Mexico comes... the to-do list

I am back to civilization after a mini-vacay to Mexico in honor of my college suitemate's wedding! Now that the vacation laundry is cleaned and put back away with the rest of the summer clothing, and the post-vacay depression is setting in, something else has settled in too.... I'M NEXT!

Yes, this was *it.* The LAST wedding I will attend before I'm a Mrs. The last wedding I was calculating into my equation for when to go full speed ahead on starting on all the little wedding details. Lawd!

Before I get started on the 9,000 things on my list, I think it's only fitting to share some Mexican wedding fiesta-ness with the Hive. Unfortunately, I lacked a lot of photography skills during the trip so the amount of good photos to chose from was slim pickins'.

I blame it on this...

Many fruity shots

There was also a lot of...
Swimming, or trying to swim, since it got pretty chilly and cloudy

Mr. P passing out beside his margarita

The bride and groom, obv.

Sorority sisters reunited 

Sweet dance moves... 

The yummiest wedding cake I've had yet

Balloon animals (and hats)... designed by yours truly

One glorious sunny afternoon on the beach

I've unpacked just in time to begin on a lot of wedding to-dos this weekend. In two days time I have a hair and makeup trial, our menu tasting, an attempt at getting my ring re-sized, and my personal favorite... a champagne tasting. Since we have to provide our own alcohol at our venue Mr. P's parents are picking up a few bottles of bubbly to test out while we eat dinner on Saturday night at their house.

Let the craziness begin, but before all that I leave you with a visual of what my life will be like when I have kids. Whenever I relax with a book on the beach I deal with a lot of this...

"Look, I'm a pirate... I have a peg leg."

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