Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hair Trial Happenings

The verdict of the hair trial: success.

I went to the salon that my future MIL goes to out in Pennsylvania. Considering I don't know a damn thing about salons in the area, I figured it makes the most sense to go with a salon someone knows something about. The kicker is - the hair stylist I am using has done Mr. P's hair since he was a kid (before he moved to good ol' NYC). The same stylist now also does a lot of Mr. P's family's hair. Keeping it in the family...

Here I am before in my non-makeup glory (okay, I lie, I am wearing a little cover-up stick and pressed powder)

And, here I am after....

What, not feeling the purple rollers? 

I tried to get a good shot of my eyes, but I am definitely a photographer failure so bear with me.

The pics of my "final after" I am not too into. Somehow the hairspray and the pinning of my bangs got cofangled, and it just didn't photograph well. Instead I present the "almost done after shot," that I think is what I will go with for my wedding day look. Seeing it in person I thought I needed something more, but looking at pics makes me realize it looked great as-is. We should have quit while we were ahead!

Just imagine a peacock clip in the mix

I'll just add a little bit more curls, which we did try at the trial.

Adding more curls, but my neurosis had to keep going

As expected my hair held up pretty well through the day. My face quickly sweated off all the make-up though, so I will definitely need to purchase a few of the products used so that I can touch-up my face mid-wedding.

The hair team will be coming to the hotel so that we don't have to do any traveling the day of the wedding. I originally thought I wanted to go to a salon, but I realize this will be a lot easier. There's nothing I like more than not moving....

Did your hair trial go as planned? Did you end up liking a different look other than the final one?

*all are personal photos

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