Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting my Hairz Did

I have BIG hair. Legit. I am not exageratting. Ask anyone I've ever lived with. Without product or styling (sometimes even with it) my hair is like a HUGE big ol' fro. It takes many ounces of hair gel or scorching temperatures of hair straighteners to tame my mane. It's usually curly. If weather conditions permit I will straighten it. And, that's only for weekends/special occasions. It's too much work otherwise. I envy those girls who can shower and go and their hair dries perfectly straight. RUDE!

I tend not to photograph myself when my hair is in its natural state. So here it is with some gel and a hair iron. I was adventurous there for a few months by both gelling my curls and ironing my bangs. Yes, I know- mind numbingly shocking....

I want to drink that beverage again!

An hour of hair ironing later

Some curls galore (Also red-eye removal FAIL hence my BLACK eyes)

When it comes to the wedding day I think I need to go with a curly look. My hair, obviously, holds a curl from a curling iron pretty well. My hair does not like to hold onto a straight strand. Any sign of humidity or perspiration will immediately make it curl up.  If I try to fight nature too much it rebels against me and causes a lot of crazy. 

Crazy like THIS/Image via

Or, this:

Yes, it forms 2010 glasses as well

I usually hate every single hair cut/hair styling I get done. But my favorite so far, which I had no complaints over was my Junior year sorority formal hairdo.

And I was SO tan, gah! (Will never happen again)

Mix in the classic Carrie Underwood do that every brides (okay, not EVERY, but many) stick in their favorites.
Image via Easy Curls

And, stick a peacock feather in my head via Mrs. Zebra and call me Yankee Doodle Dandy Porcupine.

Image via Weddingbee/Photography by Sara Zarrella Photography

I'm pretty set on this biz. I hate my hair pulled back. I have a weird oblong/rounded/non-cheekbone face and a very prominent nose with a bump in it so I highly dislike wearing my hair back. I like to keep my hair around my face like a picture frame.

I am off to my hair trial this weekend with these ideas in mind. We'll see what I end up with though...

Were you set on your wedding-day do? Do you have crazy, hard to manage hair too?

*Unless noted photos are personal

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