Sunday, November 6, 2011

Suit Up!

We spent some of our time this Saturday figuring out what Mr. Porcupine is going to be wearing on the big day.  We knew immediately we didn't want tuxes. They just don't fit in with the casual/rustic look of our wedding. Well, let me re-phrase. I knew *I* didn't want tuxes. Mr. P at one point said, "but, you get to wear a pretty white dress." I just blankly stared at him and asked if he'd like to wear a pretty white dress as well. He declined and we got to looking at suits.

We decided to just check out Men's Wearhouse, and although Bees before me have mentioned that you can't rent suits, I blindly hoped some mysterious suit rental program might now exist. No such luck- the groomsmen are going to have to buy suits. Although MW does have a suit rental option for boys, which might work out for our little ring bearer.

We're waiting a little bit before ordering the suits in hopes that they will have a buy one get one free sale soon, which the sales girl was kind of enough to mention "should be happening pretty soon." Not to be a bridezilla, but these boys will need a suit some time again in their lives so I don't think it's a HUGE deal to make them buy a suit. It just stresses me out that these guys are spread out all over the country. I have little faith in men overcoming logistical issues, but I'm sure Mr. P will get it all organized and prove me wrong, righttttt?...

Mr. P tried on a few options. We pretty much had free rein of the store, because I was in a "New York rage" mood particularly directed at everyone in my path in Brooklyn that day. Don't ask. Let's just say traffic clusterf*** thanks to construction at the new Barclay center (thanks Jay-z) + ghetto parking garages with broken elevators + people begging for money UP IN MY FACE at Coldstone (yes, we needed ice cream on the 50 degree day) = the fuse in my head snaps. This tends to keep the sales people away, which worked in our favor since we weren't ready to purchase anything (redhead rage WIN!).

Don't mind Mr. P's redonk facial expressions. All are personal photos.

Joseph and Feiss Two Button Grey Suit

Joseph and Feiss Two Button Navy Suit

Calvin Klein slimfit in grey

Mr. P wasn't a fan of the slimfit Calvin Klein, and thought he looked a little too much like a sailor in the navy suit. We were pretty happy with the first choice and played around with shirt/tie options.

Our choice for Mr. P's shirt/tie

Our choice for the groomsmen's shirt/tie

Mr. P decided he wanted to wear a white shirt "so people know I'm the groom" although I'm pretty sure people will know he's the groom, but whatever makes him happy. He liked the bright tie because it reminded him of a peacock. Mind you, this is the guy who was originally iffy about my peacock idea. Now he points out EVERYTHING peacock related that we can incorporate for the wedding. For the groomsmen we picked a dark blue shirt and striped blue tie.

Now we are just waiting for that buy one get one sale. We'll see how long that can go...

Was picking out the groomsmen attire a challenge for you?

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