Monday, July 16, 2012

Porcupines Pick their Person- And get some Presents

I know you are all thinking: seriously, with this pimple nonsense already!? Just put some cover-up on it and move along. Well, okay, I shall. I got to work with my trusty cover-up stick. It was time to put aside the hilarious dramatic dermatologist warning and enjoy the weekend.

What better way to get your mind off a grotesque pimple than presents? Mr. P and I pondered way too long over when to exchange wedding day gifts. We weren't going to have photos taken of us while getting ready, so we finally decided to just swap pre-rehearsal.

Mr. P's gift was an easy decision.

 Yes, bye bye tax refund, hello iPad

Mr. P. had long been begging for an iPad, and it has been glued to his hand ever since- especially with baseball season and his MLB TV-thing-a-ma-bob package that lets him always watch his precious Orioles. Also, it definitely came in handy in Hawaii for researching restaurants, listening to Pandora, and watching movies/playing games on the plane.

Mr. P., as usual, put a lot of thought into my gift.

He got me charms to add to a plain Tiffany bracelet I've had for quite some time. The "F" for our last name, a Tiffany blue skating charm for our first year anniversary date in Rockefeller Center, and the Aloha for our honeymoon in Hawaii!

With that it was time to get fancified and go off to our rehearsal dinner. We didn't have an actual rehearsal due to timing issues at our venue (and it honestly wasn't even necessary) so it was time to eat, drink, and relax!

Did you and your significant other exchange wedding gifts?

*all photos are personal photos

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