Thursday, July 26, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person- The Formal Shots

*All pictures by Klose Photography

It never rained, but it ended up being pretty cold the day of our wedding. This was after weeks of extremely mild temperature in March. It only presented a problem for picture taking with the limited space for everyone in the farmhouse to pose. I didn’t want all our pictures inside, but I also didn’t want my bridesmaids to turn blue. At the last minute my bridesmaids and I coordinated purchasing gray pashminas. I even brought along my own, but never ended up wearing it. Even though it was  chilly, after having the most annoying stomach ailment ever on no sleep, the brisk air was kind of necessary for me to live.

There is something about that weird overcast light that makes the sky look extremely bright. Our photographer even commented on how great pictures come out in this type of light, and they really did! I am sort of glad it wasn’t perfectly sunny. Sunny skies tend to wash me out completely since I am so pale. I don't need any extra light to remind me that my skin is partially translucent.

For family shots we moved it inside. Everyone was gathered in a small side room and took their turn stepping into shots. I can't even lie when I say that this is usually the part of recaps that I tend to skim. (No offense!!) So, I've picked just a few key shots.

 My parents and my sister

Mr. P's parents, brother & sister-in-law with their brand spankin' new baby making the best face ever

Best Man & Maid of Honor

My maternal grandparents who made the trip in the grandparent caravan from Brooklyn
(My dad drove all the grandparents, my sister, and her boyfriend in a mini van to the wedding)

My parents, sister, and 91-year-old grandma who danced the night away (legit)! 
I hope I inherited some of those genes!

Mr. P's grandma with all the grandkids (one being a GREAT-grandkid)
And, just because this may be my favorite picture of the wedding...

Our ring-bearer, Mr. P's cousin, one of the funniest, sweetest kids I know

I feel like the formal pictures flew on by. In honesty, I look back and realize there were a few shots we missed. Certain people milled in and out at different times. Some people were too late, too early, and time seemed to get away from us. Before we knew it, it was time to sign the ketubah so we could get the ceremony started on time.

The first few days after the wedding I was upset that I missed grabbing certain people for pictures, but in hindsight you can never have every single picture that you want. Being so caught up in the moment, taking pictures for hours, you're not thinking about all the pictures you want to take because you feel like you've already been posing for hours (and kind of really are). What matters is getting the shots that really matter, because there's only so many you can ever develop. There's only so many that can fit into a photo album.

Did you feel like you missed a few pictures on your wedding day? Are you worried about this happening at your wedding?

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