Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person- Let the recaps commence!

This is it! Are you ready for some prickly recaps? Apologies in advance for the cornball title of my recap series, but I just really love alliteration. Also, I'm pretty sure that isn't technically alliteration. Can you tell my brain is slowly shrinking in direct proportion to the amount of reality TV I watch?

We headed down to Pennsylvania from New York the Wednesday before the weekend of our wedding. To say I was a little deranged during the drive down is an understatement. We had luckily brought a lot of wedding stuff down to Pennsylvania during our trip to get our marriage license. Thank goodness we did, because otherwise we honestly wouldn’t have been able to fit everything into the car. Even with the majority of our stuff already in PA, the car was still packed with favors, escort cards, and dress. 

My dress took up the entire backseat, and I unfortunately have no pictures of our packed baby-child Honda Civic because I was too worried that we would get into a ridiculous car crash that would trash all our wedding stuff, leaving me – most tragically - dress-less the day of the wedding. (But, not dead. I’m only partially-morbid).

I was also oddly afraid to leave the car unattended. It took a lot of convincing from Mr. P that it was okay/necessary to get out of the car at a rest stop to grab some dinner. It was there that Mr. P snapped this gem.

Yes, that's my hair in it's natural state of "fit of insanity," and I am wearing the B-K lounge crown (10 points if you know who coined that name for Burger King)

And, yes, a few days before my wedding I happily ingested Burger King french fries. How’s that for a bridal diet? I nervously engulfed my grilled chicken sandwich (because it was grilled the fries don’t count…RIGHT!?) so Mr. P. and I could get back to our precious cargo. Guess what... people in New Jersey rest stop parking lots don't want to steal your 2003 Honda Civic that is so jam-packed it looks like someone lives in it.

Upon arrival to my in-laws house I first noticed the emerging existence of THE PIMPLE OF DEATH. Oh, yes, there will be pimple stories in my recaps- aren’t you excited? Also, we were informed by my MIL that on the Friday morning of the rehearsal dinner (the morning we were heading out to the hotel with all the wedding knick knacks to drop off to the venue) there would be NO POWER in the house. Apparently, due to some trees crashing into power lines, or something, the tree people who want to ruin my wedding weekend were going to be doing some tree trimming. So, yes, the morning before my wedding I would not have the ability to do things like blow dry my hair or take a shower with the lights on.

Spoiler alert: Everything worked out. But, it got sitcom stupid first. I expected nothing less.

Did the days leading up to your wedding make you crazy? Anything funny happen before your big day?

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