Monday, July 30, 2012

Porcupines Pick Their Person- Signed, Sealed, Delivered

*All photos by Klose Photography 

After our formal shots we moved into a side room to sign the ketubah. A ketubah is, in essence, a Jewish marriage contract. It is the religious equivalent of a state's marriage license.

We just had our parents, the Rabbi, and my sister and Mr. P's brother who would be the ones to sign our ketubah in the room. Our Rabbi spoke a little, read through our ketubah in both English and Hebrew, and then we got to the signing.

You are my best friend, my hopes and future, my strength, my soul mate. Standing proudly beside you, in your eyes I see my love, and in your heart I see my dreams, and in our promise I see a union, true and steadfast, uniquely devoted to compassion, kindness and sincerity.”
- A piece of our Ketubah text via

Our parents watched on as the Rabbi spoke of the meaning of marriage. 

 I have no idea why I'm laughing- maybe at our awesome peacock pen that Bridesmaid Kitty got us

After our Rabbi signed the Ketubah we were technically, sorta, kinda officially married

We took this time to also have our PA marriage license signed, which oddly does not ask for any witnesses to sign.

After we were signed, sealed, delivered it was time to line up for the ceremony. Our guests starting milling in, and signed some corks (our guestbook) as they took their seats.

I'm pretty sure I was hallucinating with some of that comma placement (don't judge- I had a monster zit pre-occupying me)

Did you have everything signed and ready to go before your ceremony? Or, did you have to squeeze in time for it afterward?

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